Request for funding, @mattczt, October 2022 ~

@Mattczt No problem, we will ship one G1 Mini to you and reimburse electricity costs as requested :grin:. I will send you @mcm-mike Telegram handle in a private message, you can share your shipping information with him in a private message by clicking his name above.
We can send the second G1 Mini to @hendi since he lost his miner for testnet due to a power supply breaking.
If the third G1 mini by Powpower pushes through, do you want to receive it @navie? I am not sure how hard it is to mine on tesnet since I have not tried myself. Maybe @Mattczt can share the details.

Thanks, I have sent a dm to mike.

Basically for testnet mining it is the same as solo mining. You need to have a rust node running in testnet configuration, with stratum server running and testnet wallet listening.
I will make notes when i set it up if it is useful.

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@Mattczt Cobragin told me this on Keybase

@Cobragrin: One note. We can need a small unboxing video for ipollo. They demanded that, although i had put an unboxing video. It would be cool if mattczt do a quick unboxing video, than i can enlarge it with few logos etc and publish it on youtube channel.

I will do an unboxing, not promising anything spectacular. Filmed on phone with probably minimal editing.


Sure, that would be great.

Sounds good! Provided that I can get some initial assistance configuring the mini, hosting it is no problem.

Current electricity rate is ~ 0.094 kw/h USD


May I ask what region you’re in? Thats a nice rate!

I have received the testnet miner from nhash/ipollo.
Testnet running.


@Mattczt Received a miner from ipollo too. Do you have the notes for setting it up with testnet? I can try to do it this weekend

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can you do a minute unboxing video?

Hi i managed to get it working using tromp’s thread
Connecting iPollo G1-mini to iMac
Its not exactly what you need but its got some useful information.
I said i was going to take some notes but i hastily set it up as im very busy for a few weeks.
I can re visit the set up procedure once my workload has calmed down.
First step is get a testnet node and wallet working.

I did a quick unboxing, sent to Ckafa.


Noted. I’ll read through some of the threads to see what’s required to get both of these setup.

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I’ve had to pay a bill for customs import duty (VAT), for the g1 mini i received for testnet, it was for £65.41 and was paid to Fedex.
£52.66 was the VAT charge and a disbursement fee of £12.75

I’m requesting that this is refunded, grin preferred.

Everything else seems to be going okay, just one issue with the testnet wallet. Ive had to stop using a tor listener as it was unreliable.


unboxing video for ipollo is also completed.


Thanks to the recent changes i will have no need to run my mining stratum, so from the 1st December i will turn off my server.

I started a while before the first of November but i had technical issues during November with the wallet listener. To keep it simple can we just start it from 1st November?
I have thought about buying a power monitor, but it requires more calculations and administration for me or somebody else. So for simplicity i chose a day rate.

Opinions wanted please. + math check.

1st November to 30th November. 120w for g1 mini + 30w for server. @ 32.07p/kwh

£1.15 x 30 days = £34.50

From 1st December the day rate will be £0.92 as im just running the miner.

@navie do you need compensation for electricity?


Sure, that would be helpful. What are next steps?

Just create a funding request stating your costs, it should then be added to the next meeting agenda.


Requests added to next meeting agenda.

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Could this calculation remain the same for the next 12 months