CLOSED: Request for funding @navie Dec 2022 & Q1 2023


Sorry for the delay in publishing this @Anynomous @Cobragrin

I am requesting funding for the electricity costs associated with hosting the iPollo testnet G1 mini. My cost to run the G1 mini 24/7 is approximately $0.30 CAD per day.

So for December 2022, the total electricity cost will be: $0.30 * 31 days = $9.30 CAD.

For Q1 of 2023, the total electricity cost will be $27.90 CAD.

Preferred payment method: Grin equivalent of the CAD values specified above

For Q2, I can post another funding request towards the end of March 2023.


Hi there! I will happily fund your project in GRIN. Can you just please brief me on your initiative as I am not very active on the forums but I am an active miner.


I support it as long as they can prove that the miners are mining the test network.

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It should be possible to get the log from the server.

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That’s very generous, thanks!

So, basically iPollo gave the Grin CC a miner that is strictly for testnet mining. I am just hosting this miner at my place.

You can find more information about why testnet mining is important for Grin in this recent newsletter #1️⃣8️⃣ ツ Test Mining, GrinIstanbul Meetup, PIBD RFC merged and testnet Activated!

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@navie thanks for the details. So how do we go about me sending you the funds?


sent you a direct message

Hi all, this request has been funded and this thread can be locked.

Big thank you to @serge for funding this request!

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Cheers for @serge that’s awesome

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