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We’ve started a

Testnet3 FAQ

that might answer some of your most common questions related to Testnet3. Setup, mining, wallet, etc. It’s editable by anyone so feel free to contribute or ask questions there. Or by replying here below. :point_down:


Will binaries be provided for testnet3?

Thanks, this has now been added!

I know we’re on testnet4 and the FAQ says it’s for testnet3, but it’s the latest one and seems relatively current. Exploring the mining section to better understand how things work but I’m not sure if I’m calculating GPS correctly.

Towards the bottom of the page there’s an equation to determine the network’s GPS (graphs per second) rate. Plugging in the current values I see from my node at height 14322:
diff = 67779 (current average network difficulty)
N = 29 (current cuckoo level)
scale = (N-1) * (2**(N-30))
gps = 42 * (diff/scale) / 60
To find personal contribution to the network:
NGPS (network GPS) / PGPS (personal GPS)
According to these values I’m currently contributing 1/40000 of the network hash rate. Is this reasonable for a Google VM with 4cpus and 15gb memory?

Also, in the example in FAQ the difficulty was 241, which is orders of magnitude lower than the current average network difficulty of 67779. Was that to make the example easier to understand or am I reading off the difficulty metric from the wrong place in the node/miner UI?


edit: being how it’s directly linked into the docs, I’m assuming this is the latest FAQ right?

That’s what we now call the weight of a graph.
Except we lowered the 30 to 24, so that weights are larger.
This allows the variable scale for cuckatoo29 to be lowered as necessary when taking too large a fraction of block rewards.

So this should be off by about a factor of 2^6…

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