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Grin is a blockchain and a cryptocurrency focused on privacy and scalability. Grin is also an implementation of the MimbleWimble transaction format with the extensions required for a complete blockchain.
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Hello, I’m wondering if another top level category may be created for General Discussion and Community Building. It may be that such a category was intentionally left out since MW seems to be at such an early stage where the chaos of non-technical discourse is more of a distraction, if so please ignore this request.

I am a non-technical person reading the resources available and very interested in this project. I will be fumbling through a Testnet2 install and trying my hand at mining. I think it would be great to start a general discussion area where noobs like me can ask questions and support each other, even dare I say tolerate the inevitable “when lambo?”

As far as I can see, MW GRIN is an evolved crypto that has the potential to eclipse/replace many others. I could be way off base, but I sense that the MW team is actively downplaying publicity during what is still early development stages, nonetheless I know there is already an incredible “buzz” growing for GRIN. I think it would be most excellent to have a small outlet for that enthusiasm in this forum.


There’s a Lounge category right now but it’s not available when you just sign in. The original intent was to avoid too much noise by allowing only people who have been around for a bit longer. But maybe at this stage it’s a premature protection.

As far as the “when lambo” topics, I was hoping to keep those isolated in the Market category…


An Uncategorized Category is just fine, thanks. At least I won’t feel like I’m annoying people in other areas if a thread strays off-topic.

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… Glad to be on the scene!

Very interested in this project, although the technical knowledge is way beyond me, I’ll try to keep up

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Same here, just found this project. Looks very interesting, i have no technical/developing skills but i hope to contribute in some way. Keep going forward!:grinning:

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Hello,I’m the marketing manager of LBank exchange, the world’s top 10 exchange in CMC.Our community has partners who say that your project is great. So I want to communicate with you to see if there is any cooperation opportunity.Thanks~

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“Moon Lambo” you mean. Grin left that paradigm the moment it was born. We will have to manufacture desire for something greater than gains here. And we will.

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I can relate. Sending files to receive coins is new to me. Also the IP address part

Just moved from Zcash community to here for many reasons. Hope GRIN have better visions and future :wink:


@noobvie bring ur frenz pl0x k

Hello, Is this the thread where I introduce myself?

Anyways, I am a long time bitcoiner looking for a new community to interact with. Bitcoin has become a ‘number go up’ meme factory, and frankly its not what I got into crypto for. People here seem pretty knowledgeable, so I am here to absorb all the information I can, and hopefully make a valuable contribution to the community. Thanks for having me :grin::grin:


Hi, if you search simply on the Internet, you really often come across stupid websites and articles, and if you need verified information, it is better to ask people) This forum is just right)))

https://forum.grin.mw/about contains a link to grin.mw which in not functioning now.