Wallet address is orange in Canada. Firewall disabled. Even in DMZ!

Hi guys,

I mine with 2miner.com and receive my pay once every month or so. I had no issues previously but this time I cannot receive the payout. I noticed that my address is orange. I disabled the firewall on my mac and even went as far as putting my Mac into DMZ on my router. Nothing helped. Can someone help me please?

You might also check with the Grin wallet checker, if your wallet is reachable (just to isolate if this is a 2miners issue or and issue with your network): Grinnode.live

Also, don’t forget to take your laptop out of DMZ. Definitely don’t want to DMZ a machine without good reason and adequate protections :slight_smile:

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coolwhip thank you very much for your help! Problem got fixed on its own … Not even sure what to make of it.

de-DMZed my mac. Thanks for a reminder :slight_smile: