VOTE on Grin's Mission statement

I can´t believe it´s not Butter Money!

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I agree. Legend in the making.

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Can you elaborate in this so we can understand what is meaningful to you?

And I agree with you. Better is not functional. Especial now. it translates to nothing. What must be captured are the chords that resonate and shake people. That is also marketing. It as an art. And at some point, if you want one of these creations to be successful, we need to have that conversation.

Grin is meant to use. They will not come to us. " If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

We will light a blaze that everyone will see and feel far and wide from across the globe.

Grin is the New World currency system in its infancy. It needs to grow up. Dress up. Stand up. And deliver on its promise. Grin will finish what Bitcoin started.

It will die if we don’t get people to use it. Better money is meaningless to them. They have to want Grin. That does not happen without the communication layer you call bullshit marketing.

We are leaving the Moon Lambo Paradigm in the dust. Grin is getting off that ride and into the world where it belongs. It is a game and it has materialized nothing but the data we need to do this right. So we will be grateful to them. And send them a postcard from the real world.

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I can’t believe it’s not cash!

Privacy should be implied.

Privacy is not a product. It is a feature. Nobody cares about privacy. Those drums have been beating since Clue Train Manifesto and VRM. Nobody cared about Beacon–outside of the industry. When they answered portable data with FB connect, that fight died right there. Regular people do not live this way. They don’t understand what they are giving away. We will teach them–but not like this.

This USP needs to be imbued with magical properties. “Better Money” is a start, but we are an order of magnitude away from being able to deliver on that. Their money works just fine. To them. …Which is what matters.

We need empathy here–for the user; for the target demo & psychographic. Yes, Grin is for everyone. But that is not a strategy. We must have one. We have to be smarter than everybody in this space and learn from their mistakes, because nothing is working. It is a game of wealth creation. Blockchain has done nothing for us, but create a 24 hour online casino for speculators. Is that the future for Grin? Unfortunately it’s not even a possibility we can rely on.

If we build for ourselves here, we will get trapped here–where Grin cannot survive. Our economics make it so. But it is not a weakness; it is its strength, and it is a message. We need to distill that and capture it.

We are a whole new paradigm. The Rebel Heart beats mighty in Grin.

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another stab at it:

grin: fairly spread; well spent

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Not Spooner-y enough? It’s not only about you and me, more people need to make sense of it.

Do you have any suggestions?

“well spent” feels redundant, it doesn’t say anything about Grin per se.

Purpose and intent. Good.

I would definitely like to rip into our branding schema to see what the organizational principle looks like. Where does this go? I am very looking forward to losing my mind in all of this.

For example: This is a high level aphorism. And perhaps what would follow is the detail (the story behind that). Which is our most powerful asset. It’s not the technology. It’s the message and the revolution within.

Our brand handle has to make people feel. It cannot be a jingle. It must be a battlecry. For what other reason do we exist if not to bring total revolution. Grin is going to reshape the world. Communicate that to me. Make me feel like I am a part of something. We are a tribe. Not a payment system. I sign up for Venmo. I join Grin.

Money is the root of all stupid. But once you understand its significance, there is not a more noble cause than to attempt to liberate it. Very glad to have joined the fight. With the only suitable contender. That is Grin.

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It says “spent.” That is the intent. This cannot be a brand handle, but it is solid. It can be used.

When was the last time anybody spent crypto? It is a behavior that has been replaced by the hodl. You hodl crypto. And you go nowhere.

You use Grin. It is a very novel concept. As you can see they are scratching their heads in confusion. They still want to buy it. We have to make them want to use it.

While I also enjoy the idea of enabling Grin to be used as a medium of exchange, I’d like to mention a couple of things:

  1. MimbleWimble does not seem to scale much more than Bitcoin when it comes to transaction throughput. So assuming a future where Grin takes over Bitcoin and a bunch of traditional payment services, it can only do it via a secondary layer (at least with what we know today).
  2. Grin’s monetary policy is deflationary in the long run - so again assuming a very bright future, Grin at the first layer is going to be used as store of value eventually.
  3. There has been discussion about enabling some sort of demurrage to disincentivize hoarding but hasn’t gone anywhere. It sounds very interesting nevertheless.

Indeed not spoonery enough;

the mission statement of grin should be “go read lysander spooner”

Any argument of the contrary has not read and meditated on enough of the works of our lord and savoir. amen.

The privacy, and all the implied consequences; selling drugs online, dodging taxes, and being unpopular in an era where platforms have damaged parts of the internets freedom and other unpopular positions.

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I’m not clear if you’re agreeing with me, or taking issue with my opinion. All the points you make regarding selling drugs online, dodging taxes, dark markets, and boom and bust financial ruin, that is the unsalvageable association that the brand Bitcoin has. What am I talking about? What is a brand? It is a cognitive reflex of ideas. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is unsalvageable out there.

Regarding privacy: people do not live privately anymore and they don’t care. I think that’s axiomatic.

As far as the word cryptocurrencies or anything related to Bitcoin, we need to stay as far away from this as possible if we are to escape this market. We do not belong here. We belong in the world. We will dress accordingly.

Grin is not taking over Bitcoin. Bitcoin missed the mark. It tried, and it will live on–as the mutation it has become; “digital gold” or whatever “Store of Value.” But that was not the mission. The mission was lost on the way to the moon.

Bitcoin was the first. It lit the path. Grin will show us the way.

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All the points you make regarding selling drugs online, dodging taxes, dark markets, and boom and bust financial ruin, that is the unsalvageable association that the brand Bitcoin has

This is a mission statement not a brand message

Its for building a Chesterton fence's_fence

Everyone else is wrong about privacy being unimportant, this is a statement that the common belief that the culture we are making now is successful and that our success with age will be the validity for the unpopular opinions held during the making of it. i.e. the federalists were wrong the bill of rights was a good idea, if imperfect.

That means being understood, crystal clearly, no weird sentence structures of the 2nd amendment that fell out use in all but legalese so we have debates about “common sense gun control” and the jim crow thing.

At the moment we here are for hard-privacy, will it be that way in 3 years if grin grows 1000x users? Or will a weak defence of privacy be understood be weak-privacy, where we are ok with the state finding a flaw to “hunt terrorists” so the devs with a bit of cycling in and out don’t fix it as quickly,

I’m FOR tax dodging, the speculation, and the “terrorists” having privacy; the “brand” can go fuck itself, markets are for smart people who put their money where their mouth is, stupid people’s beliefs are “marketability” is not a concern of mine.

With respect, sincerely, I don’t think you understand branding at all.–Kruger_effect

Do you want to reach people? Or is Grin just headed into the future without a way to connect with people? This project dies if it does not reach the world. It cannot survive in this market. We have no Moon Lambo to give. Do you understand all of our problems? I will tell you right now that I was one of the more vocal critics of Grin. And yet, here I am.

You carry this attitude, and you alienate the population you want to impact. Because you do not know how to communicate with them. So we’ll be doing this forever until somebody figures it out. That is Grin.

I agree with you. I said that people don’t care. Normal people, that we have to reach if we are to become what we are intended for. Try selling privacy to an addict who shares their entire life at every given moment. I understand you think this mission statement is not part of the brand. That is where we disagree. But–you are right. It is a core tenet. There is no question.

I said that they don’t understand what they are giving away. We have to teach them. Grin needs teachers and the brand plays an essential role in how we communicate these values, so they resonate with people. Or we are locked into this market, which Grin is not intend for, and we die. The speculators have no loyalty to us, and sooner or later they’re going to leave us for the wealth creation they can get somewhere else.

Grin is not for trading. It’s meant to use. That is what we have to solve. You don’t see how this is a part of that, and that is why I came. I want people to use Grin. And I want it to be successful. All we need is just one of these to work to bring the whole thing down. I am with you. And I work with you. And we will find the way.

I don’t think this is about branding. Grin just like all coins will grow rapidly, such is the nature of capitalism. I’m worried about the culture being watered down, cypherpunks have a history of bitrot and doubling userbase every 3 month puts allot of strain on the culture.

I wish to reinforce the culture, the growth will follow.

Honesty to a fault like when I give links to assassination politics to someone doubting something tiny like drug markets existing is just something i do.

Maybe I’m wildly optimistic in that regard, but I made my leap of faith years ago.

Grin is not for trading. It’s meant to use

Speculation is a nessery step in this process. All money is a ponzi scheme thats not suppose to end, adding myself to every layer of the pyramid means I help define when it ends.

“The relation between the controller and the controlled is reciprocal. The scientist in the laboratory, studying the behavior of a pigeon, designs contingencies and observes their effects. His apparatus exerts a conspicuous control on the pigeon, but we must not overlook the control exerted by the pigeon. The behavior of the pigeon has determined the design of the apparatus and the procedures in which it is used. Some such reciprocal control is characteristic of all science. As Francis Bacon put it, nature to be commanded must be obeyed. The scientist who designs a cyclotron is under the control of the particles he is studying. The behavior with which a parent controls his child, either aversively or through positive reinforcement, is shaped and maintained by the child’s responses. A psychotherapist changes the behavior of his patient in ways which have been shaped and maintained by his success in changing that behavior. A government or religion prescribes and imposes sanctions selected by their effectiveness in controlling citizen or communicant. An employer induces his employees to work industriously and carefully with wage systems determined by their effects on behavior. The classroom practices of the teacher are shaped and maintained by the effects on his students. In a very real sense, then, the slave controls the slave driver, the child the parent, the patient the therapist, the citizen the government, the communicant the priest, the employee the employer, and the student the teacher.”

If you wish to change capitalism away from the statist currency, your going to need to play by the rules of the game that sets the value of currencies relative to each other; and its not a game for normal people. Its a brutal harsh one, and radical honesty appeals to me and I’m the type who plays the game.

There is an array of issues on the horizon that build off of each other in a cascading effect. We modeled out speculation, at least it was severely discouraged. I know you know. Everybody does. And they hand waive. I will prepare.

I didn’t read this. I checked for tone. I’ll read it after I misfire. We’re going to get along. And—i am building a home for designers at Grin. We need to feel welcome here. The revolution is for all of us. And none of us are sitting this out.

I will not violate your concerns. I will be mindful of all of them as I learn. And we will clash. We should. Because that’s where the answers are. And that is how I got here; by fighting you.

The people speculating on Grin are funds who see a black swan, and speculators following the hype. The funds will stay with us. The speculators will not. And then we will be in for it. Unless we create some serious magic.

I see Grin clearly. It is the New World currency system in its infancy. It took a long time to get past the emission model, but I discovered its secrets.

People don’t have the time that I do to consider these things or the mental fortitude to understand. We need to fix that. The conversation about our emission model will become a memetic weapon that will harm us if this vision does not get properly communicated. And In a way that makes people feel. It is a mass of Rust. We will make it shine. There is so much going on behind that cute little face, and it has a story to tell.

Not everyone will spend 95 days trying to get it. Go look at my advocacy on Reddit. I am trying. And I want to learn. I want to know your vision. So we can utilize it. Majorly. I got pieces of it. And that was enough. We need to compose it. Eloquently. We need to model our anthem.

This is the second attempt at the mission. And it looks deranged if you can’t see it. It’s inside the emission model that’s stumping everyone, and it will invite a fork. They will have nothing. The vision is here! They are another altcoin splitting hashpower as it fades into obscurity. Grin is innovating. It bucked the trend. The Titanic had great vision too…

Grin is the most bold and daring project in the space. Nothing even comes close. It is in a class of its own. And we need to accomplish distinguishing it and lifting Grin above everything else.

I am committed. That is a wild departure from where I came from. I hope you can appreciate that, and we can become friends. Because I’m not leaving. And you will have to duel with me.

There is another side to this, Monkyyy. It takes the same kind of level of expertise. And the wizards of the craft are coming to Grin.

We cannot have the ego-driven engineering culture that plagues tech at Grin. Please. We will not harm your baby. And you should be protective. You worked you ass off to create this machine. And we owe you everything for it. I lambasted all of you. And I was wrong.

I will continue to work on anybody that I lose to the idea that this is an environment that is dominated by engineers who see design as a service. A wallet is not going to solve anything. The experience is completely broken. An entirely new experience is necessary.

Grin is the first of its kind. We can be as innovative with our design as we are with our choice of economics. But not without the best people. Grin needs to be a home for them too.

Grin will become a black hole for the da Vinci’s of our time making Colgate ads at Chiat. It will become a vortex for visionary designers the same way it is for tech talent. We’ll get everyone grinning after work. There is not a more noble cause.

Embrace us. Because you don’t have a choice. Design has come early for Grin.

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