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I wanted to propose giving me access to the twitter account @grinMW. I think it would be a net positive for grin to have some one engaging with the community vs having just an automated system.

The account has acquired over 15k followers and has a wide reaching audience. We could utilize this opportunity to reach out to the community. We could direct them to our forum / Keybase and discord for further engagement.

I think monero has done a particularly good job at community outreach.


Perhaps it would make sense to apply for Create a Moderation Team #42 :


is @0xb100d the maintainer of the grinmw account ?
@JustAResearcherJus has the idea of using this account to bring some fun, source of information, to the grin community and beyond.
I would support x100 such an effort. he would be like a grin Santa Klaus


I have no strong opinion about who should run the account, as long as it’s not a single person with complete control, and as long as it maintains professionalism.

I will say that the current account is run by the kind of noisy and slightly annoying bots that lead to low interest and engagement. I think having a community run Twitter would be much better for attracting members to the project.


Good idea in principle; you prob. need to make yourself known to the grin council/core team as it’s your first time posting and they can’t just give access to the account “willy nilly” without establishing your bona fides :wink:

  1. OP has been one of the most active and prolific grin community member since launch, on both twitter (CaptainCrypto) and Grin discord.

  2. It was mentioned that grinmw has no affiliation at all with the council, but rather just belongs to a community member.
    As a consequence there is no need to make a centralized proposal for taking over the account, but just having the agreement of the account owner.

We could make a centralized proposal, but that would just add to centralization, imo.

Fair enough!

I’m an admin in the Grin discord and I’ve ran this twitter account for a while:

First, cross-posting what I wrote on keybase:

Another option @kurt2 @justaresearcher would be to create an account/brand that sounded less “official Grin”, and then the grin account could regularly retweet it to boost it and bootstrap it
Gives you more freedom, while at the same time not confusing individual’s voices and opinions with that of Grin (which doesn’t really have a voice, the same way as nobody speaks for bitcoin)
Just an idea. I imagine it would be easier to manage and less hard for community to figure out how to monitor etc

Second, comments to responses to this thread:

I will say that the current account is run by the kind of noisy and slightly annoying bots that lead to low interest and engagement.

I don’t disagree; this could always be turned off. It would lead to lesser interest and engagement, but at least not annoyance.

I think having a community run Twitter would be much better for attracting members to the project.

Yes, if done right, that could be amazing.

I’m no twitter expert, but I’ve seen “takeovers” done successfully[1] where individuals are “borrowed” the account for a time period (a week? a month?) and then are free to tweet from it (under some conditions). This can lead to quite interesting engagement, and is also an opportunity for the “guest tweeter” to get a bit more followers and outreach by borrowing a larger megaphone, essentially.

How would a concrete proposal for this look like, how does it all work? Who gets to tweet? For how long? Are there any restrictions on what they can tweet about, and if so, what are those? What happens when there’s a violation? Who polices the whole thing? And what are the other questions I’ve surely missed to ask here? Any examples of successful approaches we could learn from?

[1] I remember this one some years ago, it was getting some good PR at the time:

Although just saw that they stopped doing this, and found this article about it, which I guess shows a couple of interesting learnings lol:

Apologies - no offence intended! I did not realize you were an admin on the discord - just according to your alias here it was your first time posting :slight_smile: I do support your idea for using twitter for increasing awareness/engagement :+1:


None taken!

I just think Grin has a lot to offer and we need to get the word out.

I do my best but only have 800 followers. Not too much reach. Heck, if the twitter owner just got more vocal and less automated that would be good for me.

If they have no interest in doing that, then maybe give someone else access. If that’s not an option, then maybe retweet some tweets. It just feels like a wasted opportunity to onboard more users.


Proposal: Anyone can suggest a tweet, but it has to go through QA, which is a group of people that have to unanimously approve each tweet. I suggest this QA-group to consist of you and myself. I was intending this post to be a joke, but at the time of writing it actually seems like a great idea. I’ll explain.

We disagree quite a lot in general, meaning that the tweets we’ll agree on most certainly will be great (not necessary the case in general, but definitely the case here since we’re both high-IQ chads). However, we have somehow also managed to find a lot of agreements within our disagreements, ensuring that there will always be something to agree on and not having the Twitter account suffer from inactivity.

Our dynamic is rare; I have rarely encountered people with whom I can both agree and disagree ad infinitum on any topic of discussion. I have a feeling you’re an ENTP as well, which would largely explain this.

This probably strikes almost everyone as a ridiculous suggestion, but hey, a man has to be able to speak from his heart.


The real elephant in the room on that topic in my opinion is Core “VS” G++.

If there was only core existing, I would be confident that the twitter idea by JaR would have been more easily received by Core, by far.

For example, ould the twitter account provides updates on both core and g++, or just on core ?

I dont have an answer to that question, but in my opinion, on that topic, including Core, should just shill out and let go.
Grin and grin community should currently be beyond this.

Both implementations have their own advantages and developers, including a non trivial amount of users, know which.

Community is beyond that, David has proven multiple times is humongous qualities as a grin contributor, and so did Core.

Just unleash this twitter account to JaR and let him be the “arbitrator”.

This is really bad to not enjoy the benefit of this twitter account

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Planning to add @CaptainCrypto and @david to the grinMW twitter as approved posters, this would allow them to do new tweets, retweets, favs, and replies. I believe in very minimal twitter presence (although the acct being suspended is too minimal… already submitted a ticket, if anyone knows someone at twitter that could help us).

If anybody else should be an approved tweeter post them here and we can add as many people as we like.


Sounds good, this is my name on the forum. Captaincrypto33 is the twitter handle.


I totally agree that the twitter account shouldn’t be run it by one entity, but I do not think David would fill that position ether, not really the best match when it comes to deal with social media. No offence David you are a good coder and I totally respect your work. But you are not so good at dealing with people and their inquiries. The problem with social media is that we need more people that is capable to deal with all kind of persons and questions even the stupid ones(specially those). Not people that tend to intimidate others by being sarcastic or rude in order to shut them off.


I don’t think that’s an accurate judgment of my character. Don’t confuse my interactions with the few people of authority with my interactions with everyone else.

But you joined just a few minutes ago, presumably to make this specific post, so it’s obviously something you feel passionately about.

Feel free to offer suggestions for a replacement. I don’t particularly care to have access to the account. My only concern is ensuring that enough trusted individuals are able to access it and increase community engagement.


I think I can confidently say that most Grin users would strongly disagree with you. David has arguably offered more support, answered more questions( even stupid ones) and helped more end users than anyone else involved with Grin. You’re obviously not a member of his Grin++ group.


Is this thread a reason why the Twitter account has been suspended?


It was suspended for no apparent reason. The owner is @0xb100d and he contacted Twitter a few days ago to appeal.

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Any update @0xb100d ?