We should re-establish a Twitter account

We have forums, TG, and Keybase, all of which are effective platforms for storing information, each with its own advantages, but they all have a common drawback, which is that media platforms cannot actively push information to users. Users must actively seek and enter to get relevant information, which is more closed and obviously reduces the effectiveness of information promotion.
Twitter is a better platform that can actively push information to users. Twitter has an internal automatic push algorithm that can push relevant information to users even if they are not following it.
So, we still lack a Twitter account. There used to be Twitter accounts, but they were not maintained for various reasons. My suggestion is to set up a Twitter account, which should have at least two functions: the first function is to synchronize all the latest information of the community in this Twitter account, including the latest development progress, the latest forum information, the latest Keybase discussion information, and all other valuable information. The second function is to educate the community by posting information about the various features of Grin so that people who don’t know about it can get the most out of the tweets and become interested.
This Twitter account should be sustainable and should be a basic responsibility of the community administrator. The account is transferable, even if a community administrator who is funded by the community no longer works, he must hand over the registered account and the password of the registered email to the next community administrator.
What do you think? @Cobragrin @Anynomous


%100 agree with that. For an internet-based cryptocurrency, visibility and discussion are crucial in social media.

The first one which has the most followers was suspended, but come alive again. I dont know who owns this grinmw, this can be managed if somebody knows the owner. Let me know. We can handle/revive it.

I am running Grin Post Mw_Grin twitter account, posting newsletter and upgrades generally. It is sustainable and active since 2021. I dont post ‘’ spam’’ style becuz i wanted it to be a more formal, reliable account. It organically grow to 740 users, it is almost close to Telegram numbers.
Also have 2 local accounts, Africagrin and Grinkoin. ( africagrin wants another cellphone number and locked.)

The point is even you are able to make a single ‘’ Grin Twitter account’’ with 50k followers, it can be banned in a second. So more people crosspost and retweet with different accounts bring more engagement in social media.
And just like Bitcoin, there is no official twitter or other accounts Grin due to its decentralized nature.

Well, i am ok with that also.

I get your main point is that lack of engagement and mention of ''Grin ‘’ word , pay attention to this. Noted.


Agree. We need a twitter account. What about Nostr? I see very high crypto engagement on Nostr, even if it is mostly Bitcoin maxis

It’s better to have multiple unofficial accounts. Keep everything decentralized


@JasperKai Having community members promote Grin on social media is probably the best since we do not fund marketing related activities and as @trab points out, its more decentralized and less prone to censorship.

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Community member promotion is of course good, but community members lack sources of promotion and it would be difficult to get community members to gather information or write information themselves. I know that you may be concerned because Grin is decentralized and there is no such thing as an official release, but we at least have OC and CC.

To spread information faster and better, we need to have two Twitter accounts, one for OC and the other for CC.

OC’s Twitter mainly publishes code information, including the latest technical progress, important upgrade information, vulnerability fix information, etc.

CC’s Twitter feed can post all kinds of information, as long as it is related to Grin. Regularly post tweets about various features of Grin, such as the interactive trading features of Grin as a series of tweets, Grin’s privacy, Grin’s releases, etc. Post meme contests, which used to be posted on the forums, which are too closed to spread information.


For me, anyone of us can spread the $GRIN in twitter by replying those kinds of non-sense tweet. it could work as some ways, to let people know grin still alive :grinning:


The OC members are either not the tweeting type and some of them do already bring grin up where they can on the internet.

CC has had various members and collaborators who have gone in and out of actively promoting grin on Twitter.

This really is one of those “If you want to see it, go do it” questions. You will see it’s not an easy thing to get a good response from. There is a limitless supply of people promoting thousands of cryptocurrencies all over the internet. We all tune them out for a good reason.