Suggestion: Start using Upwork for development tracking

I think this tool/site could help with the transparency of developers working on Grin. Perhaps, that when people can track developers work and see what developers are doing every day there will be less discussion(s) and more understanding for new funding request(s)

This is just an idea.

Upwork, which hosts “millions” of coding and design gigs, guarantees payment for freelancers, even if the clients who hired them refuse to pay. But in order to get the money, freelancers have to agree in advance to use Upwork’s digital Work Diary, which counts keystrokes to measure how “productive” they are and takes screenshots of their computer screens to determine whether they’re actually doing the work they say they’re doing.

Invade developer’s privacy for working on a privacy preserving cryptocurrency? Noooooooo (ᵐ෴ʷ)


you can have a look at forum profile, github profile etc without having to use this kind of creepy trackers.

I think that with regular posting on the forum could be enough. Look at my last progress update, I list there the progress but also I’m adding links for each item. And at the end, I close with what I will do next.

Oke…It was just a helpful idea to think more in solutions and find a tool that will help gain trust again.

It was not a bad idea at all. I think the context is different. Check this funding request. I think is perfect:

  • There is a clear commitment on what will be delivered.
  • There is an estimated time.
  • Anyone can track the progress on github.

Maybe a forum post could help to give more information to non technical users… what do you think?

The idea is good.

We need to to properly formulate objectives and key results (OKR goals with time estimates connected to them. 10 months ago, we tried to formulate a template for funding request to make funding request more tangible:

Maybe this template should be somewhat expanded on to give even more measurable and tangible deliverable listing.

Interesting to see how Grin always goes iteratively in cycles with the same discussions on: governance, the level of detail and (im-)measurably of output, despair based on setbacks and price, euphoria based on breakthroughs moments.
In the end the project goes in cycles spiraling upwards by improving in each of these cycles.
Further discussion I will keep for the Governance meeting.