Anonymous Developer Grin funding

Sometimes i see Grin needs for some jobs,a skilled cryptographer or etc,but current named and skilled persons dont want to involve in Grin (idk why.maybe we are the 410 th coin in market)

Can anonymous cryptographer be hired ,and paid after the job done with Grin? This way he feels comfortable.

if you say Grin doesnt need more devs or cryptographers thats ok.

Time hasnt come for funding with GRİN?

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Who care about marketing ? Is in top 10 about tech

what marketing? who mentioned marketing.

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his was also discussed during the last Grin meeting on keybase. I think many people are in favor of having a bounty based system. This would also allow developers to anonymously contribute and earn while having very clear defined tasks and outputs. The only risk is that people come up with incompatbile solutions to different problems since they are working less coherent. On the plus side, more diverse people might join and as such come up with solutions that maybe the regular developers did not think of. In any case, in case there is a clear taks/problem to tacke e.g. 2 step transactions, non-interactiv transactions etc. I am certain such requests for funding would be welcomed and supported also with financial insentives.

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you miss the point.funding with GRİN coin. like Monero devs funding with Monero.

@Spartakus A, that is what you mean. Yes that would be nice.
In the resent bug bounty program Grin was first used to pay out bounties. That was a great start if you ask me. For people who have to pay monthly fees and who might even live in countries where Grin cannot be sold at exchanges, Grin might be less practical to use.
Personally I like the idear of having a certain percentage of the salaries paid in Grin, e.g. 20%. It has been discussed a lot in the past with a lot of pros and cons mentioned. If I can find it I will put a link here.


Grin can be converted and sell all exchanges. if Grin devs not even using, why others gonna trust?

‘‘Personally I like the idear of having a certain percentage of the salaries paid in Grin, e.g. 20%.’’ Thats at least a start!

i remember bug bounty program and thnx MCM Mike for this idea,paid with Grin.

Pick one out of the following list: [Tradeogre]


are you trying to be smart or troll?

you can start donate with Grin

@Spartakus All joking appart, in the next meeting I think we will discuss again bounty based payments systems, I think it would not be a bad idear to discuss again if not a certan percentage of the bounty fees, or bonus fees should be in Grin. Since we had the last official hardfork, I do think we slowly can start to increase using Grin for what it was intended for, a coin for private day to day use.

Anyhow, all developers and council members are also financially and in spirit invested in Grin and want to make Grin an awesome project. So for their commitment to the project, paying in Grin is not strictly necesarry.

Thanx for comments. My idea was much more for new devs, who want to work for Grin but not put his name together with Grin for various reasons.
Some devs said openly skilled devs dont want to risk their reputation kinda.

For ex asic manufacturer aceepts Grin payment. why not a devs cant? Giving excuses about looks absurd.


i donated for my part.why you are offended ?

grin has no liquidity on exchange to operate like this and now only 1 exchange work i dont see problem in future when real volume will by up

I am trying to point out, that, at the moment, it is not practical for all developers to be paid in Grin if there is only one exchange at the moment that has an anonymous owner, is unregulated and has no fiat gateway.
Giving developers the option to be paid in Grin seems sensible to me, but enforcing it would limit the pool of developers to only those that either can use Grin immediately to pay their bills and those that can afford to just hold the Grin for later.

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If even a core developer is not confident to hold Grin or cannot find a reliable way to trading Grin for other currency for his daily use, I see a really serious issue here! What do you expect from regular users? If core developers face difficulty to use Grin, regular users suffer way more than them.

To me, it seems like an excuse to refuse being paid by Grin.


agree… a lame excuse. Asic manufacturer selling devices with Grin,but devs cant be paid.That is comedy.

do you only want that someone pump your bag with grin fund ? ther is no exchange to buy

you smoke too much i think.go and troll elsewhere