Pre-download GRIN Blockchain (Niffler on Windows)

Is there a way to download the GRIN blockchain online and transfer it to my Niffler Wallet blockchain directory on Windows? Ideally to speed up syncing.

These node wallets take forever to sync up the first time & turn my laptop into a toaster lol. Ravencoin & Monero are just as bad or worse, not sure about GRIN just yet but it’s toasty and has been about an hour so far with little to no movement other than calculating blockchain size.

Update: Never mind - It wasn’t bad at all lol. I had some other stuff open as well so that’s probably why it wasn’t going quickly, once Niffler was the only program in the front it finished sizing up the blockchain size and synced all the headers pretty fast (not super fast but not nearly as bad as monero/raven).