A New Great Windows GUI wallet for Grin Released

Grin Purse for windows has been released
you can join in dev team telegram, https://t.me/bitmeshchat
also you can get it on : https://bitmesh.com/?ref=2e9ahc#/grinpurse

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I installed one. Wanna try. Is there anyone who uses this wallet?

I use the mac version, it’s great.

Receive addresses is invalid from exchange services. I can’t get grin for this wallet.

It’s meant to integrate with Bitmesh exchange. It works great! You can enter any wallet seed to Grinpurse and receive all the usual ways (transaction file or http) from grin-wallet by MimbleWimble or receive through the Grinpurse address in the Grinpurse wallet. Either way. It works through a ‘grinpurse’ address which functions like a grinbox address kind of. Only some exchanges and miningpools use the grinpurse address. It makes it easy to receive without running a server or trusting your seed to some website.

Sign up for bitmesh, then deposit to bitmesh, then withdraw to wallet.

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Bitmesh said on telegram that this wallet is not stable anymore and they won’t work on it to make it stable at this moment

edit:only their windows wallet is unstable

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Cool, thanks for the heads up. I’ve been having some issues on the send side of things (mac version), but so far it’s still good enough.

I have to rescind my support for this wallet. Sends aren’t working anymore, and the support team’s advice is basically just ‘keep trying to send and if it still doesn’t work, use niffler or some other wallet’.

Hey bitmesh, I really like your exchange, it would be super cool if you’d fix this issue with the wallet. I know you probably didn’t get the volume boost you wanted by offering a cool ‘user friendly’ (It really was at one point) gui wallet, but it’s probably a good idea to have it working in case we see a sudden surge in interest in grin.

The reason I referred all of my friends, and all of the people who asked me where to get grin to your exchange, was because of this wallet, so without a working wallet I can’t recommend your anymore. Most of the people I refer to your exchange are normies that don’t even know what an order book is, let alone how to use grin. Grin purse is a potential normie gold mine, you may need to take a risk with funds to maintain it. Remember that Amazon operated at a loss for years, because they knew what they had, a gold mine.

Wallet/exchange integration is a VERY good idea, but your wallet/exchange integration is basically just a button that takes me to your website. You are very close to a great product. Maybe consider adding BTC/GRIN atomic swap features for us non technical normies. That would be super cool.

I wish you the best in your endeavors. Please fix the bugs and make grinpurse great again.

On a side note, thanks for helping me HODL my grin with your ultra slick recieve-only wallet. Cheers.

1bitcoineateraddressdontsend :laughing:

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