The First GUI wallet of Grin released, Awesome


The first GUI wallet of Grin released!

Grin Purse, redefined the way to transfer GRIN, using addresses similar to Bitcoin, just as you use bitcoin wallet.

Instructions for use, pls join the Development team: ,or wechat group: bitmesh2


Grin Purse for windows has been released
you can join in dev team telegram,
also you can get it on :

Hello, this looks pretty neat. I’m giving it a shot. Nice color scheme and I like the logo.

Do you know if bitmesh is the only exchange to support this address type?


Edit: NM I think I figured it out. So if I want to withdraw from another exchange to this wallet, I just use my IP followed by /address. Going to experiment a little.

Edit 2: Ahhhh, I see, you just use the bitcoin like address, that’s it! Very easy. The instructions are pretty good on the website, but not perfectly clear.

yes, Grin Purse will be open source next week, many users love it, more and more exchange will support it

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I’m having issues with the address type when trying to send from wallet713 to GrinPurse. Does GrinPurse not use grinbox?

Having a hard time finding out how to move coins between wallets that use different address types. Would have expected grinpurse to use grinbox but it’s not a valid address type apparently.

1 Like as far as I am aware, GrinPurse does not support grinbox unfortunately.

Are there any privacy tradeoffs using btc like addresses?

@hamiltino if you use grinbox you expose your IP to the relay you connect to. You could either choose to run your own relay, or you can use the one we provide you with. We don’t collect any data by design, and do our best to avoid accidental data collection, but you have to trust us on that. If you don’t want us to know your IP, you can connect via VPN or possibly through TOR or similar, but not sure how well that works.

Any relay will have access to metadata (such as time and grinbox addresses used in transactions using their relay). A motivated adversary might be able to use this metadata to probabilistically link a grinbox address or IP to specific outputs on the chain.