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Dear all,

I am new a Grin and I tried to use Grin++ on Windows professional to receive both mining transactions and transactions from an exchange without success so far. To my understanding, installing Grin++ already opens the right ports but after not receiving payment from mining (and I vaguely remember seeing some error about a port) I opened ports 314-317 in my firewall (inbound and outbound rules) and forwarded them on my router to my PC running Grin++.

After opening them I bought some GRIN at an exchange and tried to transfer it to myself without success. Now I am at loss to what the cause is, especially since I see no errors whatsoever. I do not even know for sure if the exchange tried to send it since there is no way for me to validate what they are doing. Grin++ shows 15 outbound and 35 outbound connections by the way. Can anyone please send me a 1 Grin Satoshi so I can validate if Grin++ is working or point me to an exchange or tell me how to do a testnet transfer to my Grin++ for testing?


Any help or suggestions are very much appreciated.

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Is gVwnrCchu7b5BgaRVegZ4kFLuXUkaEMZM88mD61kTDw5qazCtJnQ the address you sent to? That’s a grinbox address, which your mining pool almost certainly doesn’t support. You’ll want to receive via http(s) instead. If you’re running Grin++ 0.6.4 and already have port 3415 open, you can send to where is your public address found here:

Hi David,

First of all, thanks for creating Grin++ it looks solid although I miss something like a console function like in Bitcoin core.

I used another (old) Grinbox address than the one I put in my message to generate a new address specific for the 2miners pool which I copied in the bat file. The process is explained at there page:
I do not think that the address is the issue, at that time I think some ports were not open. I remember seeing some error about ports before I had to restart my PC (damm you Windows). Afterwards I opened port 3415 (3413-3417)I do not know if afterwards the mining pool tried to resent it or not. It does bring me to another problem though. Is it possible to manually set the grinbox adress, so like a normal receive but in this case using the old grinbox adresss I provided to the mining pool? In general, I cannot find if grinbox address are ephemeral or not and if not if Grin++ checks for transfers to old grinbox addresses.

Since I basically have no way to test if Grin++ is now properly working after opening my ports I bought some Grin at an exchange. With the exchange I have the issue that requesting a transfer is rather slow and if it fails, they simply put the amount to be transfered back on my exchange walelt, so I have no idear if Grin++ is actually working fine now or that there is a problem with the exchange.

In Grin++, grinbox addresses are permanent, but all grinbox txs timeout after 1 day. Regardless, grinbox doesn’t require any port forwarding, but it’s not supported on most exchanges and pools. The link from 2miners does not list grinbox as a supported address type. If you have port 3415 forwarded, just use and you’ll be all set.

Hi David,

Thanks for explaining that to me, I will try sending to my IP:3415 (I assume the exertanl IP4 address).
Regarding that, I normally use a VPN. Can that interfere with the transaction process?
I mis some basic understanding/information about address types how, wallets store the value etc.
Is there a wiki with more information? I want to dive deeper in Grin and Mimblewimble and become a contributing member at this forum but at the moment I am useless in any discussion since I do not know enough, only the informaton from the white paper.

Sorry David

I just found my question is a duplicate. So, if anyone reads this, if you use 2miners for mining, use your external IP at port 3415
and not a grinnbox address which expires after 24 hours as explained by @david If you have grin stuck at the 2miners pool, contact their support and provide them with the url of your external IP4 addres.
See here the original post with answer
Very new here. Hi. And help

If you read this, please note the instructions above are for older versions of Grin++.
For Grin++ 7.5 and higher simply use the permanent http or tor link provided when you click on the Receive button and enter it as mining address. For, use the address to generate your unique login as described at

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