Testnet Faucet (gringod.info)?

TL;DR: how do I get some grin on the testnet to explore how transactions work?

Was having trouble syncing up my node/miner so I started from scratch following these directions: https://github.com/mimblewimble/docs/wiki/How-to%3A-Run-a-Grin-node-on-Google-Cloud-for-free#syncing-the-grin-node
Everything built fine once I realized that the docs were out of data and $HOME/grin/target/release needed to be added to the path.

Then there’s a section called “Receiving some grins”: https://github.com/mimblewimble/docs/wiki/How-to%3A-Run-a-Grin-node-on-Google-Cloud-for-free#receiving-some-grins
It references a grin.toml file which is no longer in the testnet4 (as far as I know) as well as api_listen_interface = "INTERNAL_IP" which I did not see in the grin-server.toml file (assuming that’s what replaces the old grin.toml file?). The next instruction is to curl gringod.info which is supposed to be a faucet. I tried some experiments to see if I could get it to work, but it keeps returning an error. After getting very frustrated I went to the website gringod.info and it’s just a static html file that has the error message printed in plain text…

My question: is there something I’m missing with the configuration of the firewall/IP settings and thus the interaction with gringod.info, is gringod.info simply depreciated/abandoned, and regardless how can I get some grin on the testnet to try completing a transaction? Thanks

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It works, make sure that your are running grin wallet listen, that in grin-wallet.toml you have api_listen_interface = "", and that port 13415 is being forwarded to your machine.

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