How to get some Grin?

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to find a way to get some coins on a testnet.

This link isn’t working:

Would anyone be kind enough to send me some small amount?
I am running a node, and CPU mining, but at this point I only found 2 shares, and no coins.

Thank you in advance!

grin --floonet wallet send -d 10.25

I am tried to put my wallet in listen mode, above command should send me some grin. I hope someone who is successfully mining on floonet could send me a few grins.

Thank you!

I’ve mined using my cpu, got nothing.(poor cpu has only 0.2 gps)

And I’ve tried to ask for some testcoins on telegram/discord, also this forum, got nothing either.

the whole community is cheering with mainet onboard, nobody care about it.

And I noticed on floonet, last block was mined 1day ago, no new blocks generated, wired.

Not wired at all, all dev effort would have swapped over and the testnet difficulty would have all been prelaunch setup testing. Its may as well been a global emp for the test net.


Above command is working, it must be executed from a Grin node that is running and listening on HTTP.