The transfer speed of niffler's wallet is too slow

  1. It took me five hours to transfer money from my niffler wallet to the exchange, but I still haven’t finished the confirmation

  2. When the amount below 1grin is transferred to the exchange by niffler wallet, the confirmed amount of transfer cannot be seen in the exchange

Hope someone can reply my question in time

ask the exchange I don’t think it has anything to do with wallet

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Hi Grin001,

Welcome to the community. Which exchange did you transfer your coins to?

Also luckily we will say goodbye to HTTP next month and all transactions will go by slatepack. Then this will be a lot better.

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it’s the problem of exchange. does not show grin transfer below 1 grin。

Please contact

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It turns out that this is not shown below 1grin, right? Thank you. I thought the transfer was lost

Thank you for your reply!!

It took me a short time to transfer from gate to wallet. Is it related to the cost of miners? The cost of wallet miners is too low. 0.008, we can’t see the modification of miners’ fees

Sometimes, the niffler wallet will show that the grid owner API process failed to start in the login interface, which may be due to a password error