Niffler version wallet v0.71

Hi guys.Ive sended coins from tradeogre to this wallet and it says unconfirmed all the time.Ive done the same as on video how to doit but my coins aint confirmed,but on tradeogre says succesfull.

What should i do to get coins back ? Are they lost or it can be saved…just dont get it what wrong:/

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 04.17.30

Most likely your niffler node is not fully synced. Meaning the transaction happened, but niffler cannot see it. See here similar topic with solution:

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Hi,ive checked this but dont understand what exactly to do,cause it doesnt look like NIffler wallet.So here i was putting in those and all kinds of those peers…how or where to do it dont know. Is it possible to pull out the coins from Niffler with Niffler pasword and seeds somewhere els

So that is the Niffler settings , just dont know what to do :slight_smile:

So iam totaly lost what to do :slight_smile:

Well you can import your seed to Grin++ or ironbelly wallet and synch. Your coins will be there i think.

i did it Niffler worksss , what just happen …made so many random tries lol.But i lost the coins i canceled:( Iam not computer expert so dont know much about those things.

So this in version wallet v0.71works.This combination.

ive tried moving them to Grin++ but the Niffler pasword doesnt work there(the seed words-one word,just strange.

İmport all 12-24 seed words. No password. Restore wallet.
And dont share those seed words with anyone.

Yes, you can restore using mnemonic in Grin++ or just use Niffler if it works now.
Where did you cancel the transaction, in Niffler? If so, you can simply click Receive and import again the same slatepack from tradeogre and paste you response slatepack back to tradepgre to finalize the transaction. If you cancelled the transaction from within Trade Ogre, the coins are not lost but will be added again to your grin balance on Trade Ogre.

try grin++ or ironbelly mobile wallet

and always keep your seed words with yourself in paper or steal