Niffler wallet is not work

The wallet cannot find peers. Resetting the node didn’t help. maybe someone knows how to revive a niffler wallet

@xiaojay is the developer of Niffler. He is not around sometime. Maybe he responds.

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Probably the problem is that the DNS seed in your config file are outdated since the wallet is no longer maintained. Meaning, your node has not a single node it connects to to ask for peers in the network.
Not sure if it works, but you could try adding any of the following dns-seed urls as preferred peers in your grin_server.toml.

peers_preferred = [“”, “”,“”,"“”,“”, “”]

Probably that fixes the issue since these seed nodes are nearly always online and can connect you to the rest of the network. If it does not try restoring with another wallet software.
Niffler is just a GUI version of the old grin-wallet (Rust). So alternatively you can always restore the wallet using the rust wallet, IronBelly mobile wallet (under the hood also grin-wallet) or Grin++.

@Alla you can also try to replace binaries under resources/bin for actual ones, your config is in $HOME/.grin/main/ directory.

Also make sure you are not running any other node under the same machine/IP. I just experienced some problems with this. Changing P2P port helped it seems.

I am building software for grin/grin-wallet where it is possible to change everything directly at UI. Hopefully normal users will not need this :slight_smile: