Current sync step 1/7: downloading

Hello, I’m just trying to setup to mine Grin. I installed Grin, Grin wallet and Grin++ on a windows laptop. I typed grin in a Windows command prompt. In the window that popped up it says “current Sync step 1/7: Downloading” , it has been that way for 2 days. Is that normal ? Should it finish and go to step 2 ? For Status it changes from 99% to 0% and sometimes 100%. In the log file there are errors about grin::servers::grin::sync::header_sync - failed to ban peer ( different ips) peerNotfound. Is that notmal ? Thanks for any helpful advice.

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You mean to mine Grin with your laptop? it looks impossible as the laptop is too weak to mine.
In case you just want to run a Grin node, it will normally take 2 hours to sync all the data.

Ok , Thanks. I didn’t know that.