Sync Problems, miss p2p connection (Fixed)

Hi all

i have a problem, when i mine on my local stratum i note some out of sync problems.
My Grinnode are sometimes (every 5 - 10 min.) 1-3 Blocks behind/async to the Grinchain. See picture below

The Grin Explorer display the Block 51896
On my Grin node/stratum the Longest Chain is correct 51896, at the moment, but its happen that this also is 1-2 blocks behind the Grinchain.
But on my server.log my miner are working on block 51894… the switch happen few minutes later…
This is the reason for my rejected Shares…
How i can configure the sync “speed” of the stratum pool to the grin chain?

Can somebody help me?

I lose a lot oh time with mine shares they are older then 1 or 2 Blocks and this sucks… I try to install grin on my Ubuntu 16.04 Server, there i have the same problem. Now i run on Ubuntu 18.04

My last grin build is 30min ago. cargo build --release

Config grin-server.toml
i try:
archive_mode = true and false
chain_validation_mode = “EveryBlock” and Enabled
peers_preferred = [“”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“”]


Nothing you’ve provided shows your node being out of sync with the blockchain.

What about the miner you are using? What is it? Where is its log? It’s the miner that is submitting shares for old blocks instead of the current block.

hi dwayne
I found the problem, on the first pictures are displayed only outbound connection from my node. i missed the inbound connection.

The portforwarding on my router fixed this problem.
3413, 3414 are now forwarded to my server.

api_http_addr 3413
p2p server 3414
wallet 3415
pool 3416


Default 3413 is only localhost
Forward not needed

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