Our instagram page with more than 7k followers wants to be an official grin instagram advisor for free

hello grin community…we are an instagram page related to crypto with almost 8k followers right now…we are expanding very fast and we are putting our best doing it…we are following the grin project since april 2018… we would like to be an official grin sponsor on instagram…we are already sponsoring other crypto project asking them some fees for sponsorship… but for grin we will not ask any fees an it will be totally free… the only think that we will ask will be some volontary donations in grin coin from the community ( you are free to decide to send us or not some grin :slight_smile: ) in order to support us and if is possible to be listed on grin website as on of your official instagram advisor.
Let us know what do you think about our proposal and if you are interested.

Please shout out @tmgox


@0xb100d check your instagram…we sent u a dm

There is no such thing as “official” representatives in this community. You are definitely free to spread the message. You can also add yourself in the Channels section of the wiki page. The only channel that has been agreed to stay in the website is the gitter chat where all Grin development and governance is done today.

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