Opportunity: GrinMint and TOR

Hi guys,

In the last few days I have been experimenting a bit with grin mining and have been
using the Grinmint pool, which looks quite nice.

There are two possible ways to get paid from Grinmint:

  1. by email
  2. by giving the IP/hostname (example, myhostname:13416) of your client/wallet.

So far I used option (1) because I am behind a firewall and cannot open ports. However I would prefer to use method (2) and so I contacted grinmint and asked them to accept TOR hostnames (e.g., sbcey6blafefdve7.onion:13416) because it is possible to run a hidden service behind firewalls.

They replied to me nicely and very quickly as follows:

Blockquote Thank you for your feedback and trying out grinmint. We typically add features based on need and how many users ask for it. So far you’re the first one asking for payouts through TOR using the wallet listener, but if we get more similar requests we’ll add it.

So yeah, if you are also interested in having this feature on GrinMint, please drop them a line at contact@blockcypher.com