Is legit?

I have requested two payments. sent them. But i didnt received them. Could you check it for me ? I sent two email about it, but nobody answered by pool owner.

Mining Account: Grinmint - Grin Mining Pool | Dashboard

Paid: 2023-01-02T21:20:56.000Z, Amount: 3.02805704, TXID: 3778706d-ae92-4f61-9b5d-2a07fcdf342, Commit: /output/08acc272c217162644637fd1e984c0f28f956bd1340140c95b6e167eeb7c7c8563
GRINMINT Grin Explorer
Search Results for " 08acc272c217162644637fd1e984c0f28f956bd1340140c95b6e167eeb7c7c8563 "
We couldn’t find any blocks or outputs starting with the hash 08acc272c217162644637fd1e984c0f28f956bd1340140c95b6e167eeb7c7c8563 .

Paid: 2023-01-02T19:36:09.000Z, Amount: 5.501199895, TXID: fceea96a-b9dd-4c14-9a01-fa2a092dd079, Commit: /output/09ed737697b3c983705153d815cdd03bf1f43de8b52e59969938ee7944c1eec5e7
GRINMINT Grin Explorer
Search Results for “09ed737697b3c983705153d815cdd03bf1f43de8b52e59969938ee7944c1eec5e7”
We couldn’t find any blocks or outputs starting with the hash 09ed737697b3c983705153d815cdd03bf1f43de8b52e59969938ee7944c1eec5e7.


You have 16 Grins still at And bitforex is sometimes trouble for the tx. Https is not supported for existing wallets.

Try or instead of bitforex my advice.

From what I see at Grinmint - Grin Mining Pool | Dashboard you did sucessfully withdraw some GRIN beginning of this month.

I would suggest you always get your GRINs of the Mining-Pool to your own wallet like Grin++ and then from there send it to your exchange with allows slatepacks as HTTPs transfer is deprecated.

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The first two payouts havent been received. So, i ask for support.
Pool shows two payouts are done. But there is no any coins in the exchange.
I checkd the tx codes, but no any find transaction at the explorer.

Here is your tx. Your coins is at bitforex.

I havent received them in bitforex. I created a support ticket at bitforex.

I see SPENT FALSE in my transaction. is it a problem ?

I will mine GRIN but I have a payout problem. :frowning:

Could you show how to withdraw to or from grinmint pool ?

You better learn to setup and use niffler, grin ++ or ironbelly wallet. How to withdraw and send coins via slatepack. There are videos in this channel, browse it. It is not hard to use Grin.

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I have a problem with GRIN++ app Windows.
I succesfully installed it. I made all things. I save my 24 words. I created a password. Everything are perfect. SYNC is completed. But there is a problem after I restart the Windows. Grin++ ask me the password to open the wallet. I put my password correctly. But GRIN++ says it is incorrect ! I created a new account. But it is the same. I have two accounts in GRIN++. Both are the same. is it a bug ?

Payout problem solved by Telegram GRIN Türkiye ++++++
I wish the pool owner had answered the emails.

I tried a few pools, always came back to Grinmint even with their 2.5% fee.

Maybe I’m just imagining things, but Grinmint seem to have better luck hitting blocks.

I know the feeling, these are mostly because many pools use a reward for if you mine and are longer online. This means that initially (couple of hours to a day) you earn less with the mining compared to solo mining.