Is Grinmint legit?

Hi there,

Yesterday I requested a payout but I didn’t receive the email with the slatepack.

The status of the payout is still “requested”. I tried to contact them but of course no reply.

Any tips?

Yes it is. Check trash folder, maybe slatepack message can be there. It is being run by community members, dont worry.
Check the steps here again.

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Ok happy to hear that.

I’ve checked spam and trash folder but unfortunately the email didn’t arrive. I contacted the customer service twice, still not reply.

But I’m confident it will be resolved. Thank you

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Completely legit, used to mine there.

Yep, completely legit.
Please let us know when it is resolved. If it is not resolved in a few days, I will tag the owner of Grinmint.

Hi everyone,

The issue was solved. Thank you a lot