Announcement about Grin's payment of F2Pool

Firstly,F2Pool make Grin payment everyday as long as the account meets the Grin’s payment criteria

Due to the complication in Grin’s payment process, F2Pool can only pay the revenues that set Grin wallet address to receive Grin one by one after finishing the Grin payment to the exchanges. It takes too much time and is expected that the remaining Grin will be paid by 20:00 (UTC).

In order to solve the problem of slow maturity of Grin block, F2Pool has cooperated with Bitmesh, Bitforex and AEX to create fast payment channels, in which the Grin payment to the three exchanges will be completed by 6:00(UTC) everyday from the 22nd.

Bitmesh users please note that payment will be delayed by using the Bitmesh wallet address. Please select “Bitmesh” in the payout settings and fill in your UID to make Grin’s quick payment.

I just changed the payment to use UID of the Bitmesh.
However, earlier payout could be made using the wallet address and it’s still in “Unpaid” status. Is the asset safe ?

What are Grin’s payment criteria?

God forbid, that you take responsibility for your incompetence instead of blaming the currency itself. If that is the way you feel why do you list Grin on your pool?

Not a problem, part of the definition of the currency. Grin takes 1440 blocks to mature. Stop your whining.

It has become very clear by the obstacles F2Pool is placing to discourage miners from withdrawing from their pool to their own wallets that F2Pool is partnering with the exchanges and benefiting from that partnership.

I am sure that the developers of Grin would love to hear about your alleged “fast payment channels” that allows immature coins to be transferred yet somehow only works with exchange wallets and not personal wallets.

thx for your message,it is a bug of our webpage,it will be fixed today

Sincerely thank you for your message. We pay close attention to Grin and respect the work and efforts of the participants in the Grin community.
But nothing is perfect when it is just born,everything needs a long process from birth to final maturity. Bitcoin was hard to use at its early period, too. The same goes for Grin.
As a member of the Grin community, F2Pool has invested heavily in promoting Grin. We also try our best to create a stable and excellent environment to enable Grin to survive its early stages healthily and to create suitable profits for miners and members of the community.
It is worth noting that F2Pool’s payment rule is that after Grin’s wallet information set up successfully, and the balance of the account exceeds 5Grin before 0:00 (UTC) per day, the payment will be completed within 24 hours.
F2Pool is a responsible company that can’t and won’t send any immature coins to any wallet address.
Finally, thank you again for your hard work for the Grin community.

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If your minimum payout is 5 GRIN, why do you not state this on your website? Also why is your industry trailing miner’s fee of 3% not documented anywhere on your website?
When do you plan on following your own payment rule? There are many reports in your Discord server that your miners are not getting paid in a timely manner, if at all.

Perhaps the information is hard to get. We put all the raleted information on the main page of F2Pool. You should click this button to get more details.

I am always taken to That is where you should put all of this information. Some of it is there. But not the minimum payout nor the fee.

So far f2pool pay on time or 12-24h delay to ppl using UID payment method direct to few chines exhnaged (which most are CANCER with low price or no withdrawal)

direct to HTTP wallets and pools with only HTTP payment is delayed to ??? unlimited time

I have two payments for c29 for more then 48h from 20 jan as unpaid! also one payment to C31 as of 22 jan both to my public node which work 24h and have more then 30 in/out transactions

Pls respond here to pay and when to us that use private/public wallets!? what is the plan, queue list, delay!?
My name there is same as here and you can see my payments

If not publish where is the problem, and know few pool you do pay over UID are SCAM as they have no withdrawal

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The information is visible in the webpage,fee is 3%,mode is PPS,minimum or threshold is 5 Grin. And we do not charge transaction fee.

Why say something that is so easily disproven? None of the items you mention are on

We have provided all of the information on the first webpage for everyone to check, then do you think it is logical to list the same words everywhere on one website?

F2Pool is historied and structurally complete website,with more than 30 kinds of cryptocurrency. We display all the information related to mining to make it open and transparent. And we cannot modify the web structure just in a few days to change the web information from one page to another.
I respect your labor. But how can a man blame the company that strives to create value for its customers and the whole industry without careful and comprehensive investigation and study?
Anyway,thanks for your criticism. Perhaps we a still not good enough,we will do our best to improve our service ability and optimize our products.

F2Pool have more than 2,000 miner mining Grin. And 80% of them saved Grin in exchange. So we paid for those main group of people who use exchange save Grin fistly and Grin wallet later, it is noticed on the website and Grin wallet setting tutorial.
This is the situation now,and we try to optimize it. but it takes time.
All coins have been paid, some of the exchange could not withdraw Grin, this is not something F2Pool can control. But not all of them don’t support withdraw,Bitmesh is ok,you can have a try.

If you think that is true, perhaps you should participate in your own Discord server or in your channel on the Grin Community Discord server.

We have arranged for customer to go to the Discord, but some of my colleagues are not good at English, communication is not easy. This is what we need to strengthen.

Your response does not make sense to me.

Have you or have you not seen the reports on Discord of miners not getting paid? It is a simple Yes or No question.

Fuck f2pool for mining GRIN.

It was not clear, upon starting to mine there, that the payout minimum is 5 GRIN. I still can’t find it on the website anywhere.

Have been mining this shit for a few days, have about 3 GRIN so far, and it’s absolute horse-shit that I haven’t been paid out yet.

Specified the ip and port for my wallet and everything.

Will be switching to another pool when you assholes finally pay out.


Not sure where you are seeing that information. Don’t see it anywhere in my f2pool account.

EDIT: nm. Found it. Was not intuitive at all. Had to dig through the list of currencies and click on 'em.

Lesson learned. Avoid f2pool for… reasons.

if you want to withdraw the grin that do not reach to the threshold,pls apply for small money withdraw by click this url:
Small coins will be paid at the first-ten days of every month