Announcement about Grin's payment of F2Pool



Should have enough mined within the next 10 hours for a payout at 5 GRIN, then I’m moving off your pool.

Life is too short to deal with your bullshit.

I tried out f2pool, and they gave away my coins. I mined for a day or two while I tried to figure out http payments. While I put in an address, I made sure to pause payment, and the address didn’t/doesn’t work anyway. A week later I go to check on my balance and
it says it has been paid. Well, I didn’t get paid. The address couldn’t have been paid, so it begs the question… Who has my coins?

EDIT: While one page had shown that I was paid, it seems that this is just erroneous, and that my coins are still available for me to withdraw.

what is you username?

I sent you a message with ID credentials.

They love to deceive. The amount shown as “Paid” on is meaningless. probably shows “Unpaid” in the TXID column, right?

It does indeed. So I should assume my coins are still there, and that I could get them once I set up http payments? Wish they did file payments, or grinbox. Maybe they do and I just don’t know. I was more just experimenting with them.

Yes. My understanding is that they try every night to process the payment. If you change the payment settings, the next night that they try, the new payment settings will be used. No file payments or grinbox payments.

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With difficulty dramatically increasing for GRIN over the past 72 hours, and rewards continuing to drop, It would appear that moving towards a 0.5-1 GRIN minimum withdrawal limit is the more reasonable approach, instead of 3 GRIN.

just sayin: cooperating with scam exchanges makes it a scam pool.

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they hold back most of coins mined by small miners, and they will sell them.

That’s exactly what I figured from the likes of f2pool - Profit off miner attrition.

Fuck everything about that utterly bankrupt morality.

Will likely jump to one of the other, non-Chinese pools after the 3 GRIN payout hits.

f2pool are just being transparently greedy, and fuck everything about that.

but the project advertizes the pool, which makes them in a way complicit. This is very damaging.

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fwiw, I think most of the people in this thread are being ridiculous. It is not that hard to find the payout terms on the site. I’ve had no issues with a small amount of gpu’s (9x 1060’s) mining with f2pool. I’ve gotten paid 3 times quickly and with no issues through bitforex. You can withdraw from there, or you can sell and transfer another coin. I’ve had no issues whatsoever, and I made more mining Grin in a week than I was making in a month mining Eth. It’s your money, take roughly 20 seconds and look for the information on their site. It’s not that hidden. Take some responsibility for yourselves and quit your complaining.

I take it the concept of principles is foreign to you ?

I take it the concept of personal responsibility is foreign to you? I had no problems figuring out their payout structure, and they paid me promptly on the terms they set out on the site. It was a non-issue. I couldn’t ask for any more than that.