Grinmint down permanently?

Hi, Anyone experiencing the same issue?
The website seems to not exists anymore.

The site is loading for me at the moment, which would be a strange definition for “permanently”.

It’s still up and running well :slight_smile:. Contact us at grinning-support [at] blockcypher [dot] com if you need help.

Just for info the site does not work for me too

@kurt I sent you an PM to investigate. On our side Grinmint is up and running and accessible.
@cryptor017 I also sent you a PM.

Also down for me… since a few days.

Works for me! I am mining there since the beginning. Never ever had a problem!
Great pool!

Just my 2 Grin

it’s been working fine to me, I mean the site it’s been online. But experiencing regular disruptions on my miner, a bit more than usual.

Thanks for asking us to send our ip for whitelisting. we moved to another pool.
Thanks for getting back to us.



Hi @cryptor017,
Sorry for the annoyance. As mentioned here, we are under a large scale DDoS attack and we are forced to do IP filtering.

Pool is not targeted by the attack and running completely fine but is also concerned by the IP filtering.

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