Name for atomic unit of Grin?

What should we call the atomic unit of Grin (10^-9)?

I propose we call them “Wimblies”

“Toms” is an option, named after the inventor of Mimblewimble.

µGrin. Let’s just follow SI, please. I know we’re all excited about Grin and all, but it is really unnecessary to make up bloat like this just for fun. Remember that it is supposed to be a currency for every human on the planet.


it’s a nanogrin of course…


Yes. µGrin would be 10^-6. Milligrin sounds nice for 10^-3 also…

Oops. Yeah, sorry. Brainfarted.

Instead of “Sats” call them ‘Grats’ short for ‘Grintoshis’ ツ

Sats grew organically, it was never decided AFAIK. We can’t name something like this. Either the community will naturally find a term for it or won’t. We can discuss it though!