Grin units and unit names

A Telegram user recently asked about Grin units, like what they’re called down to the satoshi in Bitcoin. Are there “official” names? I understand the smallest Grin unit is a “nanogrin” (see bottom of page at

I feel the smallest unit of Grin should be called an “Igno.” This would be a tip-of-the-cap to the Grin creator, as well as follow the Bitcoin/satoshi precedent. I mentioned this to Ignotus a while back and got a chuckle and thanks from him/her. Sounds official enough.


or maybe an “Ignota” ? although the metric approach is userfriendly… could have both…

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I also agree with changing the smallest unit of grin to “Igno”. It shares some aspects of genesis story and charming to hear. Nanogrin is more like blank from inside.


I really like the idea !


oh old topic up
yes i like the idea to call the smallest unit Igno and starting from now i will use this word


This is pretty much what I was thinking, both the bitcoin/satoshi angle and it’s more personal.

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