Time as Units (proposal)

I propose the idiom: time as units.

The use of certain words to measure time could be convenient for measuring amounts of grin. It follows nicely that one second of time is roughly equal to the measure of time for one grin to be produced. Therefore, one grin could also be known as one grin-second or simply one second of grin. Further, one minute of grin is 60 grin seconds. Fractions of a single grin idiomatically follow the same measurements of time: milliseconds, nanoseconds.

My 2 seconds.


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They already used grin in this 2011 movie

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Makes sense.

Time is money but no amount of money can buy time.

I’m totally for this. I prefer thinking of it as a time unit. I also think that by having people see seconds it might make it more obvious that you can’t just change the monetary policy because everyone knows how time works. I do think it might take some time for people to get used to because buying a second of grin might sounds less than 1$.


Time is an illusion. Within the light-cone, all points are time-like separated, meaning that given the right speed of your frame of reference, everything can happen in the same place, just at different times. This means that the order of events is actually arbitrary in Minkowski space-time.

Time is an illusion. Money even more so.

One can see this in a very direct way now, since the time to mine 1 grin has changed in the last year and will absolutely change in the next two years.

A lot of hippie communities in the US in the 60s and 70s tried to make a local currency, and it was often built around an idea of a wage for an hour’s work. They all failed miserably. Money is actually equivalent to energy. It should be measured in joules.


Here’s a break down of fractional units:

Unit Shorthand Amount
decisecond ds 0.1
centisecond cs 0.01
millisecond ms 0.001
microsecond µs 0.0001

Taken from:

Money represents a token of energy expenditure, whether from physical labor, extraction efforts, or whatever. The question is, why would a society invest the energy to establish a monetary system versus just freely eating the food scattered around their village? The answer - money is a fence. Money exists just to keep certain people in the village from getting what they need to survive because they don’t have the “points” to access it. If you want to tell a mother that she has to watch her son die, you need a scoring system (i.e. money) to point to in order to rationalize why she can’t access the food she needs for her son. In other words, societies expend effort and cost to make money so that they can build fences, hierarchies and inequeties. Money can not be made efficient or logical, because there is no logical reason why, given two nearly identitcal people in a village, that one should starve while the other laughs about it, watching.


A digression, but interesting.

If one asks why impose fences, hierarchies and inequities, we can see it as a solution to a problem. Now with the problem in mind, we can find an alternative solution or optimize the current solution in some way. Point is: see it as a solution to a problem and focus on the problem, rather than the side-effects, the problems, that the current solution has.

The concept of money being valued as an energy expenditure should give credence to PoW projects such as Grin, more so than centralized projects like XRP or ERC20 tokens that didn’t involve mining.

Grin denominated and evenly fractionalized as units of time is already a perfect fit and this pairing will remain a constant (no halvenings). Maybe this will catch on. That will be 22 seconds of ツ please. Make it 20 seconds and you have a deal!

Officially applying time-aspect onto Grin is a great opportunity to make apparent the limitation around emissions. It is unfortunate that some (possibly most) view Grin’s inflation schedule as unlimited without questioning their perceptions on Ethereum’s inflation schedule. Viewing Grin’s inflation schedule as something bound to time may beautifully illustrate the limited nature of emissions.

I believe perceptions are very important to the long-term success of Grin. There have been many great ideas in the past, that weren’t appreciated nor valued enough to survive due to human perception. Sometimes these great ideas arrive again at a later time with greater resonance humanity. Let’s make sure Grin arrives. :wink:

Darn I was kinda hoping we’d go with the last names of Major League Baseball players from the early 90’s.

0.1 - Piazza
0.01 - Sosa
0.001 - Jackson (or a Bo)
0.0001 - McGuire
0.00001 - Griffey
0.000001 - Henderson


TBH I like the time idea.