Amounts Denominated in Time Units

I want to own an hour of grin.

An hour of grin is 60*60=3600.

Hardcore people want to own a day of grin. I couldn’t imagine someone owning a month of grin.

edit: fixed numbers


One minute is 60 grins, not 3,600.

One hour is 3,600.

One day is 86,400.

We unofficially define a grin whale as having one week worth of grin; 604,800.

Modest. I want to own one Grin day!, unfortunately I am still far from that target.
Only advatage if Grins price would further drop is that my dream of owning one Grin day would become more realistic😅

That is what I meant :slight_smile:

I want to have an hours worth of grin and I am close to getting there:


Awesome, let us know when you get there :wink:

It’s fun to compare your stack to time it self. I also do it.

A minute is 60 grin, no?

Lol. Look at me, commenting on other’s errors and then making one my self. Was a typo, thanks.

Grin is like time coin. Timecoin = GRIN

Or GRIN = secundcoin

Plankton have at least 1 grin second - 1=1 grin
Minnows have at least 1 grin minute - 1x60=60 grin
Dolphins have at least 1 grin hour - 1x60x60=3,600 grin
Sharks have at least 1 grin day - 1x60x60x24=86,400 grin
Whales have at least 1 grin week - 1x60x60x24x7=604,800