One meme a day for a year

Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking for a while and finally decided to step up and spend some time supporting Grin my way. I plan to post one meme a day on twitter for a full year.
It ain’t much but I hope it will bring awareness to this great project.
Keep Grinnin !


You’ve oversimplified the bitcoin emission formula:-(
The 50 should be 50e8, and there should be floor brackets around the 50e8/2^i …
For Grin, the 60 is fine, since there’s no need to express it in nanogrins.
But the index should start from n=0. Btw, why is it i for Bitcoin, and n for Grin?

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Yeah, i used the simplified formula without the sats. You’re right, and i modified the Grin formula to i=0

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To accurately reflect the reward at each height h (which the Grin formula already expresses), the Bitcoin sum should be rewritten as

Sum_{h>0} \lfloor 50e8 / 2^{\lfoor h / 210000 \rfloor} \rfloor

That also matches the source code

I like this one very much; Grin is like swimming against the tide. Its harder, but its worth it.


Fun idea! :smiley: Can’t wait to see your posts soon

One meme a day for a year is exactly what I need to survive this year!

Meme of the week with thw most likes on Twitter.
See you next week !


Meme of the week.



Meme of the week.
Big Thanks to the guy who sent me a few Grinツ



Meme of the week
Thanks D. for your support


This one provokes me. Outputs can be blacklisted and Lisa never said that because she is not real.
(Your horse can not starve if it belongs only to itself.)


Yes, this meme, while funny, misses the mark. Outputs can be tainted just as with Bitcoin.

The cool difference about Grin, which this meme misses, is that a tainted output can never end up in your wallet without your consent. I’m no meme master though, so maybe someone else can memify that.

“Imagine if people had to ask your permission to put a tainted output in your wallet. And imagine you could just ignore them. That’s Grin.”


Even if tainted utxo lands in your wallet, this utxo will get blacklisted, not your whole account (account doesn’t really exist on utxo chain). So the problem is more related to account model than to nitx, although itx would prevent this issue on the account model. However, if you use a tainted utxo without even realizing someone evil sent it to you then sure, itx ftw :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this is the point. Even in a UTXO chain, it’s easy for someone to poison your wallet with tainted coins, which your wallet software links into TXs and effectively taints your entire wallet, not just a single UTXO.

Since ITX prevents this, but UTXO model does not, ITX is the important differentiator of Grin that people should notice right now. Being “accountless” is not nearly as impactful as ITX for preventing taint/dust attacks

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The Grinツ community is really something special. I did not expect that simple jokes with no other aim than making people smile would be debated by the jest council.
Remember that there is fun in “fungible” !

(Please note: this is also a joke and no need to point out the fact that it actually comes from the latin word “fungi”…)





@GriniumMemiosa Thanks for brightening our days!
I added a direct link on GrinHub to your daily dosage of Grinnage.