Naked Ipollo G1 mini - Household Grin coin crypto miners 2024

  • This video is just for proving that keeping your G1 mini miners naked will decrease the heat a lot. Even some of my miners got broken nuts and had to use soft steel wire to tighten the processor board and the heatsink while running 2 fans outflow only.
  • Maximum temperature is varied between 50-70 degree Celsius.
  • My personal notice that the brushless DC fan LianHongYu (green color) seems to be more durable and not generate additional weird noise/sound, comparing with the pink color model (CR12B6020M)
    And I used thermal paste processor MX-4 4g (up to 10 uses)
    *** Happy mining :slight_smile:


Nice setup. 4 fans in push + pull is overkill for this low power ASIC. Seems logical that they would cool better naked, because of better airflow & less heat buildup. Like how these units are seem to last forever, not the PSUs, but the ASICs themselves.