G1 fan size and pin count

Can someone tell me what fan size the G1 ASIC uses, and does it require a 3 or 4-pin connection? I can’t personally check anytime soon or I’d simply measure myself. Fan went out, unit overheating, need to order replacement ASAP.

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Perhaps you could also ask directly: iPollo Customer Service <service(at)ipollo.com>

Screenshot 2022-08-09 032224

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And the only response from Nhash:

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Right, well then… Good luck on the search - let us know if you find the answer.

If anyone is looking for the G1 mini I found this re:fan assembly: Ipollo G1 mini - changing loud fan video tutorial - ASIC Mining - VoskCoinTalk

Yes, I found the answer, it was by taking direct measurements on our end and not from reaching out to various platforms on the internet (no one has been able to provide this answer). Problem solved: In case someone else needs to replace a G1 fan in the future, you’ll need 140mm 6000 RPM with 4-pin connection, such as this.


Thank you for the reply! @Neo-Geo