CLOSED: Need advice: iPollo G1 Mini fans are really loud

Hi everyone,

I just got finished setting up my G1 mini today! Yay :slight_smile:

However, the fans are quite louder than I expected they would be. Right now they are running at 5100 rpm. Is that considered normal? For a device that uses about 120 watts, it’s a bit much, no?

Are there any setting recommendations you would suggest that I try in the dashboard?


I reached out to iPollo regarding normal fan speeds and chip temperature, here is a summary of the information. Hope this helps others who may also be wondering about this.

  1. If your fans are running at 5000 RPM or above that is fine. The faster the fan speeds, the faster the heat dissipates.

  2. Anything under 90 Celsius is considered normal for the chip temperature. The ambient temperature of the room should be kept around 20 Celsius.

Note: If the chip temperature exceeds 90 C, the device is programmed to shutdown automatically by default.

Unfortunately the fans need to run so fast to cool the chip. Decreasing the fans speed would roughly equally decrease the graph/hash rate of your G1.
The only solutions would be to replace with low nois fans, or change thermasl completely, e.g. by repositioning the heat-sync. See this post, scroll down to see the post on modified thermals:

I have not done this myself and it might be a bit risky, so the easier solution would be just to replace the fans with some low noise fans, e.g. these 12 mm low noise scythe fans maybe:
Probably there are better people to answer this question, e.g. if you past on the blog of the first link I gave you, these are people who actually did modding on the G1 Mini and know best.


Hi @Anynomous , that makes a lot of sense. The chip is quite powerful so it would make sense that it needs the extra fans to keep the asic running nonstop.

Thank you for all the resources and info here. Very interesting stuff in that thread. I am pretty cautious with the modding stuff for now as it might void the warranty. For the time being, I’ve reached out to iPollo regarding normal ranges for fans, temp, etc for the time being.

I will update this thread with any info I have gathered in the near future from official iPollo info. :slight_smile:

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If you don’t want the temperature to go above 95 degrees, that’s fine.

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I’ve updated the thread for those who may have similar inquiries. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone.