Home mining difficulties

Hey, I have an Ipollo G1 mini and I mine from my apartment. The problem being that the fans are rather noisy and it heats up a lot. I used the “–mini-fan” command to limit the fan speed, but the temperature rises to 85°C. My question is the following: is it possible to limit the hashrate in order to lower the fan speed, the temperature and therefore the noise. Thanks in advance !

I recently went through the OS of G1 mini via SSH. Found nothing to increase or decrease Hashrate. Only fans can be controlled.

In your case I would invest in quiet fans and let em run on full speed. There are really some good out there - like “Noctua” fans. I put them into a S17 pro Antiminer and it has less noise now then the G1 minis :slight_smile:

From my experience I would say the G1 mini is on full speed at 45 db noise and with Noctua fans under 20 db.

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Interesting, do you have the link of Noctua model you could suggest? maybe i will test one of my G1 mini

This video shows how someone reduced the OEM fan speed of the G1-mini:

You can order new iPollo G1-mini OEM replacement fans from this store.
Coupon code for $3 off per fan: GRIN
Payment by ツ accepted.


Interesting, but it voids the warranty. Additionally, there is no compatible Noctua fan for the G1 mini (too thick).

Consider that there is an effective, quiet and not too expensive way to cool a G1 mini.

Thats true warrenty is gone. Since G1 mini requires 4 fans it would be expensive to replace with noctua (about 4 x 20 €). I found some nocuta with 60x25 size and the original has 60x20. So we would have to check if there is additional space left for 5mm.
Since I replaced the fans from my Antminer the size was no problem cause the fans are outside.
The fans from noctua in 60x25 size for G1 mini (if they fit) would have 19 db - that is very quiet!
Consider noctua has 3pin connectors, you would have to rebuild to 4pin for G1 mini. So would recommend to this only with some experience! But honestly, the G1 mini is really noicy for its size and if I had no separate room I would definitly find a solution to replace the fans - notcuta was only an example - there are many quiet fans out there.

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What ‘-mini-fan’ percentage do you use?

I alternated between ‘–mini-fan 80’ and ‘–mini-fan 60’ depending on the temperature (ie 60 at night and 80 in the day’. This command goes in the ‘More options’ field. However in the summer I just wouldn’t turn them on at all :sweat_smile:

I did some research and found out that there are no quite small fans, ie, all small fans are loud and the fancy ones like noctua run at low speed and might not be enough cooling effect (and as mentioned they don’t fit in the G1 mini. My humble opinion is that even if you put a different brand fans in it wont change much. But if you had a room that stays cool you could easily run the fan speed at 50-60%.

I think the G1 mini looks cool but having 4 small fans is a huge design flaw. I recently got a mini doge pro 2 and it has only two fans but much larger and it is soooo quite even when it is burning twice the energy. Unless you can put them in a shed and not worry about the noise, then they are perfect little machines!

I acquire mine secondhand and one unit had bad exhaust fans and it ran fine for months without any alarms or a peep in the logs about temperature. It hovered ~82C all the time.

Forum user NEO GEO sells replacement fans for $12.99 at

Also, the replacement fans have a bunch of extra cabling so it’d be pretty easy to solder a power resistor to slow the fans a bit.