Monkyyys market shitposting thread


0.04016 BTC

the fuck?

grinpay your trolling me right?

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10 ツ!

(these are only the missing characters of this post.)

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… Ok then, I guess I will be doing that.

Thank you, it means more than you could reasonibly know, seeing as I take the same devil may care appoch to life as I talk, that’s already more money then CT stole from me. I don’t post sob stories, a fair few would call me out on my shit in this case but I’m far less rich then you probably would think knowing I got in btc at 400, even if I’m still doing fine, it would however scare normal poeple.

Turn your Grim into Grin. I sold all my BTC for GRIN on day one and couldn’t be happier.
When BTC $1200? Suggested monkey party ツ (dance across the nation min 01:51:30) soundtrack:

@monkyyy I am sorry for this shill. I must have the information.

Long and short answers are both acceptable. Give me your opinion, and then explain like I’m 5.

A graphic symbol of ‘why privacy matters’ is a backyard hedge between neighbors. Imagine a graphical widget with an auto-dial feature that can illustrate each ‘users’ tolerance levels for privacy using a green “privet” hedge as an example we can all relate to. The greenery grows or shrinks to the way you like and can you can fidget with the chart by numbers while seeing the hedge animation change. Later you might change your mind and want your privet hedge lower or higher on mood. Isn’t that how privacy works, (closes blinds for the night)?

Do you like the idea of: “GRIN ツ 10-n-1” as a tagline?
Privacy being one of 10 super-features with the ‘hedge widget’ as an example of an on boarding tool?
Featuring 9 other super-features would balance out the message so it’s not a leading statement then.

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I think there is a good idea in here. We could create an experience around privacy through life action video with a decision tree, and it collects information about you based on your answers, “Why Privacy Matters.” These are disposable experiences designed to promulgate a message. At the end we generate some results that shows how much privacy matters to you. And then, we have out opportunity to show them what the consequences are, in relationship to why you should use Grin.

That takes us back to the question:

  • why does privacy matter?
  • Why do we want it?
  • What have we given up that Grin will give back?

My opinion is that this can either be lighting in a bottle, or it is an art. This facet should encompass a lot of thinking behind it. You want to get as much latitude with symbolic and metaphoric value as possible and ideally you want to communicate an affect. It could be a thought, “Think Different” that means something about you if you use it. It could be an action “Just do it.” that transforms you when you use it.

Or it can be the mission statement. I recommend that we use this as our departure point. Ideas can develop from there. What comes to mind from this statement for you?

Re: Grin

It’s clearly built in the same cypherpunk spirit that Bitcoin was: increased freedom/sovereignty through technology.

That looks like a mission statement to me. The brand handle should encompass so much. but most importantly it must be understandable at face value instantly.

ツ 10-n-1

What comes into your head from what we are doing here at Grin using that statement above as your departure point? “increased freedom/sovereignty through technology.” Apply to Grin.

What you’re asking is a great question.

What are the tenets of its meaning system?
And what are the dimensions of its personality based on its unique qualities. That is where the story is. The Epic of Grin.

A brand is an instrument. When you think about Grin, there is a synaptic association. What is the cognitive reflex of ideas that you have? If we play the right chords, in the right sequence, then we have music. If we have music, then we can make people dance.

That is Grin.

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“GRIN ツ 10-n-1” would be the device that starts the conversation about the tech, money, privacy, mining, mw, and community choices for top ten tech/features. It’s also funny because of the “10 bitcoin for 1 Grin” meme at launch.

psytrance rumbling in the distance.


need a windows wallet with pretty pngs and fluro buttons and play school interface for the masses. getting my mates on ubuntu for their wallets was not easy, i got yelled at while i was trying to explain grin is still developing

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Can someone explain to me slowly why grin/beam is stable while grin/btc is not?

So Ive started on my spread sheet and well; as a sanity check is by the end of next year is there only going to be 1.7 grin for each btc?


this is my limit for today, if someone can do me a solid and convert this into graphs I will … well complain slightly less

I’ll learn the fancy math I’ll need for my model … soonish tm valve time

On the topic of math I need to learn, what sort of curve do geometric series exist on?

I’ve had a hard time not getting stupid replies for asking this sort of question with or without context as it seems fancy math poeple only care about hard correctness and are anti-practicability.

GRIN is 10-n-1 ツ
Instant • Private • Infinite • Empowered • Fair • Fun • Spendable • Mineable • Tongue-tying • Money

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The price of grin/beam may seem stable because of early press and content on youtube was mentioning both coins together. Those who heard early and adopted may be buying both coins in similar investment amounts at the same time.

By slowly I meant go into details like why other people aren’t seeing thru their premine by a different name and how fucking corporate they are, their empty forums, etc. etc. etc.

I understand beams marketing pitch, I’m having difficultly believing people are that stupid