Missing DNS Record for Grin Forum - UPDATED

UPDATED: 2019-05-04


Wasn’t sure where to report this. Perhaps it was planned this way, but if so it would be unusual.

www.grin-forum.org resolves to an IP address through the nameserver associated with the domain, however grin-forum.org (no www) does not resolve. So usually an A record is supposed to be there, and a CNAME record for the “www” subdomain (technically it’s a subdomain). Below is a screenshot of nslookup. I used CloudFlare and Google’s DNS servers to confirm it was not just a DNS issue.


Admins - please note domain health! :slight_smile:

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Allowing root domains to resolve to the web server is merely a convention, not any requirement. All websites in the 90’s used to be configured this way, where you need to type www. I mean, what if you wanted access to the Gopher or FTP server not WWW? :grinning:

Right, but nearly all domains now will either resolve or redirect to the web server. And of course if you wanted to access Gopher or FTP you would specify a port number instead of 80 or 443 which is implied :slight_smile: