Call for new DNS seed nodes, Mainnet and Testnet

As we can tell from the new Grin seed check report I’ve just put up, our seed nodes need to be updated, (particularly on testnet which is now invite-only due to there being no available seed nodes at all!)

So we clearly need some volunteers to host seed nodes! If you’re able and willing to take on the responsibility of keeping a node maintained, available and up to date, as well as able to configure a domain for it, please let me know on this thread, and I’ll get the list updated and merged before the next core release. Note that we need a domain or subdomain, not just an IP address.

I don’t think we need to put any restrictions on who can run a node or how many we take, we can take as many as we can get and the report will tell us if any fall into disrepair and need to be replaced.

The first changes are:


  • Remove
  • Remove
  • I’ll be replacing with


  • Remove
  • Remove
  • and are currently unresponsive, but I know their owners are about so alert them and give them a chance to fix their testnet nodes. If that can’t happen, remove them.
  • I’ll be adding

I would like to offer two seed nodes:

  • for mainnet.
  • for testnet.


EDIT: added email.



Good point, if you could add contact email addresses as well (they’ll just go in the source as a comment, won’t otherwise be used)