Join Us to Test Grin Hard Fork

As mentioned here, Grin mainnet will hard fork mid July (block 262_080 ) and grin floonet on June 23 (block 185_040 ). In order to be sure that this hard fork will go smoothly, we will do a dry run on block 182_040 (roughly around 2019-06-21 13:39:00 UTC) on a small network.
We welcome all developers to join us and test this hard fork.

How to join the “private” network.

1. Download and install

#Clone grin repository
git clone

#Go to grin dir
cd grin

#Checkout latest tag
git checkout v2.0.0-beta.1

#Download git patch

#Apply git patch
git apply hf.patch

#Build Grin
cargo build --release

2. Change your server configuration

Modify your server configuration (in ~/.grin/floo/grin-server.toml)

Change seeding_type to List and uncomment the seeds line below and put the following IP address.

seeds = [""]

You can now start you grin node with grin --floonet.

Your node will hard fork on block 182,040.

Join us on Gitter #dev to debug, discuss and exchanges test grins!


Just setup 2 of my nodes to test this, strange that the number of peers so small
Firewall rules are allowed

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I also only have 4 peers. This is to be expected as it is a small experiment before the real hard fork.

The max was 38 peers

20190621 13:34:05.700 DEBUG grin_servers::grin::seed - monitor_peers: on, 38 connected (36 most_work). all 268 = 252 healthy + 0 banned + 16 defunct


20190621 17:29:08.281 DEBUG grin_servers::grin::seed - monitor_peers: on, 8 connected (5 most_work). all 312 = 12 healthy + 0 banned + 300 defunct

Is to be expected your node banned the nodes that were not on the test hard fork.