Is grin node supporting ipv6?

I have a small vps which has only ipv6, it’s strange that it can’t find any peers, is it because no grin node in the world is running on ipv6 or the current build not supporting ipv6?

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Weird, grinnide live appears down, zero connections:
@renzokuken @stakerV

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We are having some difficulties with infrastructure. We aim to solve it completely in this month (June) by moving servers but it takes time and in the mean time there will be some downtimes unfortunately.


Does it mean that we must have a ‘master’ node to be sure new node can be synced?

No, but you do always need to first connect to a seed node to get some peers. If you use latest version, that should be no problem, it has an updated seed node list.
@Yeastplume Can grin nodes connect both via IP4 and IPv6, see question above?

My provider only supports IPv4, so I cannot test it.

I used latest version as my screenshot above, my current config


#The interface on which to listen.
# will listen on all interfaces, allowing others to interact
# will listen on the local machine only
host = ""

#The port on which to listen.
port = 3414

#All seeds/peers can be either IP address or DNS names. Port number must always be specified
#how to seed this server, can be None, List or DNSSeed
seeding_type = "DNSSeed"

#If the seeding type is List, the list of peers to connect to can
#be specified as follows:
#seeds = ["",""]

I guess ‘seeding_type = List’, then 'seeds=“ipv6:ipv6:…:3414” but it looks like :3414 will conflict with address of ipv4 naming format.
I suppose, for the moment, grin node is not supporting ipv6, I will let core developers re-confirm.

Tested with “::” it’s still waiting for peers. I suppose grinnode is not compatible with ipv6 for the moment. As i know there is no way to communicate between ipv4 and ipv6 without some kinds of special gateway or another separate chain on ipv6.