How to Sync multible local grin nodes?


  • I have got a poor internet connection and want to save traffic and time while testing.
  • I want to test and try different grin node implementations and versions.
  • for example one instance is fully synced, or almost fully synced like missing 2 days.

can I connect the nodes directly, with LAN IPs somehow?

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Interesting question.

But I think it would be possible if you modify your grin-server.toml to connect to a local IP address.
From an example file grin-server.toml you can look at line 113:

#hardcoded peer lists for allow/deny
#will *only* connect to peers in allow list
#peers_allow = ["", ""]

#will *never* connect to peers in deny list
#peers_deny = ["", ""]

#a list of preferred peers to connect to
# HA IP for fast sync
#peers_preferred = [""]

Using #peers_allow = ["", ""] should solve the problem in order to connect to one of your node.

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Thank you for your answer. I think that should work to connect rust-nodes. Does grin++ support direct IP connections?