Grin mainnet seeds needed

Hi all,

For all testnets we’ve been fine with a few informal seeds setup by developers and just * but mainnet should be held to a (much) higher standard. So on behalf of the team I’d like to request:

  1. A few additional DNS names, with the following requirements:
    • Commit to own the domain for at least 2 years, let us know if an issue arises ASAP.
    • Know how to setup A records.
    • Be available under a contact email address to add/remove records within 48h (preferably).
  2. Multiple additional Grin seeds with the following requirements:
    • Commit to maintain and upgrade Grin regularly for the next year at least.
    • Let us know ASAP if you plan to stop or can’t upgrade regularly anymore.
    • Run on decent hardware (anything with 2 vCPUs and 4GB or more is fine) with decent bandwidth (>2 Mbps should be enough) and publicly available P2P ports.
    • Know enough Grin configuration to change the max peers limit to 250.
    • Know enough to set it up so it auto-restarts on crash (belt and suspenders never hurt).

Thanks in advance for you help!


I’ve been running testnet for a while now on my dedicated machine. I’d like to help. Both requirements are not a problem for me.

My 2 cens:

"", //
"", //
  1. Are we talking about dynamic DNS seeders here? Either way, I can provide a DNS seeder at with dynamic or static records.
  2. Happy to do this. I have dedicated hardware with a fixed IP, with high bandwidth and availability. Keeping things updated and correctly configured shouldn’t be an issue.
"", // @hendi /
"", // @hendi /

I commit to always pointing these to the 3+ nodes powering, and I’ll update all of them on a rotating basis.

1 Like”, //”, //

Happy to commit to 2 years:

available at

@haarts IP address?
@gary thanks! that works
@hendi will you be adding the nodes reported by others as well?
@scottyd IP is, correct?
@jasondavies No seeder yet, @quentinlesceller started one here but it’s not finished yet. So static records for now.

@igno.peverell is correct!

2 dedicated node for floonet:

These 2 is prepared for the mainnet:

I would like to provide two DNS names, for mainnet and floonet:

"", //
"", //

I run my own DNS authority server on this domain. I’ve been holding this domain for more than 2 years and I commit to continue to hold it for at least another 2.

I’m a Rust developer myself, and happy to see Grin about to launch its mainnet!

Is it possible to maintain a grin seed and still remain anonymous ? (if yes, how ?)
Is it for example possible to maintain a grin seed at an onion address ? Does this already exist ?

It’s my 1st post here, I profit to thank all developers for what seems to be quite a nice project.

Is it too late to contribute?!

"" @ /// @pkrasam ///
"" @ /// @pkrasam ///

I am so excited and looking forward to Grin in 2019.

You might want to spell-check that:-)

I’m in the process of creating a small deployment project for running a Grin node (this works but is rough around the edges: What would be a dead simple why of checking the new node is accepting P2P connections? Some telnet command perhaps?

@igno.peverell IP addresses are forthcoming! Give me a couple of more days.

Sorry, late night typos :grin:

What I meant was e-x-c-i-t-e-d

DNS name: “
IPs: and

@igno.peverell FYI I’ve added a few more nodes… Here’s the lot of em: / / / /