- update thread

Currently we are in the process of upgrading the server infrastructure.

  • Please be patient, we update this thread once everything is back to normal operation.

Also note, the services provided by is for the Grin community. We are providing GRIN infrastructure free of charge and for anyone to use.
Even some donations are welcome :smile:

We did get some Mails, DMs etc from some services which seems to be using it commercially. Which is in general fine, but we dont have an service level agreement with anyone so if the service is down you have to be patient.

If you need you own professional commercial GRIN setup you can always contact us.


We are back to normal operations.
At the same time we are monitoring the new changes.


After nearly 2 years of uninterrupted services we had to do some server upgrades.
Please note we will schedule more downtime windows in the upcoming months. Make sure you check the status page regularly.


Really appreciate for what youโ€™ve done for GRIN.
Another question, is the stats page is really precise?

For me, iโ€™m hosting 4 grin native nodes in Vietnam (latest alpha version) but it shown only one. Is it possible to collect the total of all nodes running around the world? it will be useful to see the trends of grin node/wallet comparing to the past.

Nodes will fall on and off the stats page based on whether has connected to them recently so itโ€™s not comprehensive and normal in my experience that it will not show all your nodes.

You can simply add grinnode life to your preferred peers to see all you nodes listed all the time, see this link:

Hi, the API page seems dead, can you please check?

hey @noobvie, I can access blockstats api, can you check again?