Total active grin nodes

What’s the best way to count the total number of grin nodes? Would the steps outlined here for BTC work? Has anyone done this on the grin network?

This tool gives the total number of grin nodes :

  1. one project is grin-map

And my friend in china is working on grin network spider using golang, which will be a good website online.

here’s Demo:


I’m so proud that I make up part of one of those green clumps.

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There’s not really an easy way to find what nodes are running, since a majority of them don’t accept incoming connections.

Here’s from a seed node that gives a pretty good idea of what nodes are on the network though.


I really enjoyed scrolling down this list of nodes.

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created by my friend 大飞


Sweet. Thank you! Can the site expose an API that returns {total, publicReachable}? If so, we can start polling it and building a chart over time.

How many nodes Grin has approximately?

You may check it here
I guess it’s just an estimation.

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once it was more than thousands i think. grinnodelive shows all? only shows peers which are connected to Grinnode.livec github on