Grin Node Statistics WebSite:

I develop the website to see all the node of grin network realtime and the history data. This is open source:


Love the site and the service it is offering, very informative and important data!

I have a couple of questions as I am new to grin and bitcoin.

  • What is the difference between a public reacheable node and regular node? Are the reachable ones nodes that have opened the port to communicate with more peers? Thank you.

  • Why is there only a small percentage of reachable nodes?

  • Could the total nodes history listed on go further back?

Thank you so much!

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the public reachable node is the node has it own public ip then everyone can connect to it, other nodes is under nat then no body can connect to it and it can connect to public reachable node.

the history is

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good job!!!