public GRIN-API and Sync-Service downtime scheduled - upgrade to v4.0 [closed]

A new Grin-Node version will be deployed on our entire infrastructure, therefore we are scheduling a downtime this weekend.

Details about the downtime available here:

There will be temporary downtime of:

  • all public API’s
  • GRIN explorer sync-services
  • connection problems of all connected nodes
  • GRIN wallet API-Service, for Ironbelly or Niffler user who are using our service


Details about Grin-Node version 4.0.x

When will the network activate the Hardfork v4.0?
Grin and Grin wallet 4.0.0 have been released and is ready for general use in advance of Grin’s 3rd Hardfork scheduled to occur on block 786240.

More details: Grin + Grin Wallet 4.0.0 Released
Grin-Wallet v4.0 - List of changes:
Grin-Node v.4.0 - List of changes:


We did successfully upgrade all our high available Grin-Nodes to latest stable v4.0.
For next downtimes please check:

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