Grin (node) v4.1.0 Released

Grin (node) v4.1.0 has been released.

Release notes -

This is a minor release. No significant new features to call out.
Lots of cleanup and code quality improvements.

This release bumps the supported protocol version of the node, indicating support for “commit only” inputs in blocks and transactions. Nodes continue to be backward compatible with prior protocol versions.

As always, please reach out here or in keybase if you experience any issues or unexpected behavior.



v4.1.1 has just been released - this patches a small issue recently discovered and fixed.

We identified an issue involving older nodes (v4.0.0)syncing against more recent v4.1.0 nodes. This is related to the conversion logic between v2 and v3 blocks to support CommitOnly transaction inputs.

(Brief) release notes available here -

If anybody is running a v4.1.0 node we recommend updating to v4.1.1 when convenient.

If anybody is still running a v4.0.0 node then this might be a good time to upgrade to v4.1.1 also.