Grin v1.0.1 released

Details in the release notes.

A couple of asks and recommendations for this release:

  1. Please upgrade. If you’re using your nodes to power a critical service (i.e. pools, exchanges), do so carefully. While this is a minor release with no large changes and we’ve been a lot more careful with code reviews, we’re still in the early days of our release process.

  2. If you have a long-running node, please make sure your peer-to-peer port (3414) is open to others [1] and increase peer_max_count to 200 in your grin-server.toml. I think we’ve slightly underestimated this value and some peers are having a harder time keeping enough connections. There should be only very minor impact in the resources used by your node.

And thanks for taking your part in powering the Grin network!

[1] A service like can help testing


Here is the diff